Wheelchair/ assistance products (north overland park)

Healthcare assistance products Please and Thank you to anyone who can help 🙏🤗🙏

New to motor neuron issues and trying to stay as functional as possible as long as possible.

I've thought it out and these are most of the things that might be helpful. It's a long list. Thank you for taking the time to read.

I'm looking for a lightweight wheelchair, preferably something all terrain so I can get out of the house.

Also looking for a * u-step neurowalker with seat,
* upright walker with seat,
and * rollator/ transport chair ( ideally a combo all in one type thing) in good condition...

Also need other mobility assistance products for showering, bedroom, chair exercise products, and products helpful for arthritic and weak hands.

And a minivan, crossover, SUV with enough space to put a wheelchair and walker with heat and AC in good enough condition to travel for doctor appointments. Our car just got hit and is totalled.

NEEDS for mobility devices:
1. Something that doesn't make you hunch over too much and allows you to walk as upright as possible.
2. has a good stride length so you're not constantly hitting your shins or knees.
 3. has a seat,
a plus if it's cushioned, and a major plus if it's also a transport chair with footrests! 🙏
4. As far as wheelchair goes it needs to weigh less than 35 lbs.
5. Lightweight electric transport chair under 35 lbs could work too to have some autonomy.
 6. Transport chair/ Rollator/ upright Rollator that weighs less than 25 lbs. Preferably closer to 15 lbs.
7. easy to fold and lift
8. fits in the trunk or back seat of a small car.
9. If it has brake levers, they need to be easy to grip/ squeeze due to arthritic and weak hands.
10.Has to be sturdy and balanced...not easy to fall to the side.
11. If it has cushioned armrests or seat, then they need to be without cracks, and in good condition, please.
12. something with larger tires, if at all possible, please, 8" or larger... pneumatic tires or, shock absorbers, would be nice. Ideally, something all terrain, that can be used for outdoor walks. I'd love to get out of the house.

I know that's a lot to ask but we have minimal space, and both of us have health issues so trying to figure out a way to make it all work as smoothly as possible.

Also, looking for:
1. bed rail or post or grab bar to assist getting out of bed.
2. Sturdy Bedside commode/ toilet.
3. Suction type shower handles/ grab bars.
4. A small shower chair that is usable in a tub.
5. A "squatty potty" foot riser for toilet.
6. Two Ergobaum arm crutches or 2 four prong canes with small bases.
7. a small frame walker with seat.
8. A lightweight electric wheelchair.
 9. Anything that can help with balance and mobility needs.
10. Anything designed for arthritic hands... Utensils,
jar openers,
hands free can openers,
11. Anything that helps with food prep.
12. A foot peddler or chair elliptical or other small exercise devices for chair exercises.
13. Ergonomic adjustable base bed frame- full or queen size.
14. Lifting electric Zero gravity recliner or La-Z boy recliner with lots of padding. Preferably leather, or brown, tan, beige, gray fabric. Must have a small footprint. Room is small.
15. A transfer board.
16. Instapot, air fryer, smoothie blender

Bless you and Thank you so much to whoever can help out with any of this!!!

I'd really appreciate it if you could meet in North Overland Park, downtown Overland Park area, or near Union Station. Target in Mission or 119th in Olathe or Walmart off of 75th and frontage could work too.
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