1or2LG bird cages&bird 4 Dads day (Chattanooga valley)

My 3 kids are trying to find a bird for their dad for Father’s Day and have been looking for months. They have put their money together and still are 1000 short… their dad is the sole provider and they just want to do something special for him, that he would never expect… and he’s always wants a talking bird… so if anyone can help them or point me in the right direction that would be amazing! My kids are homeschooled and I’m a stay at home mom( I can’t work) so we have plenty of time to take care of a bird( many have asked about the time we could spend so the bird will be happy, is why I stated that) I can travel a bit if I need too… thank you all in advance… please send me a text seven zero six -six three three -nine two three three
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