Books,CDs, Dishes, Small appliances (Carleton Place Area)

Books, CDs, Dishes, Crockpot, Small TV, Picture Frames (like new) and a lot of books.

We were just given a box of books to recycle, which we have put out on a Freecycle table, but there is very little traffic outside of town, so if you want any/all of them we will pack them and hold them for you.

List created with voice to text, so it is fairly accurate, but not perfect.

The Great Book of French Impressionism by Diane Calder
The Still Life Sketching Bible by David POXOM
The Joy Luck Club
The Natural Physician's Healing - Therapies Mark Stangler ND
A Practical Guide to the Runes - Lisa PESCHEL
The 7 Day Back Pain Cure - Jesse Canone
Astrology a Cosmic Science The only astrology book you ever need - Joanna Martine Woolfolk
The Astrologer's Manual Modern Insights Into Ancient - Knight green
The Complete Guide to 9 Star KI Bob Sachs
Astrology Karma and Transformation - Stephen Aurora
Nourishing Traditions the Cookbook - Sally Fallon
The Rulership book - Rex E BiIls
The Life You Were Born To Live, a guide to finding your life purposes - Dan Millman
Fortune telling by tea leaves- Sasha Fenton
The Handbook of Chinese horoscopes - Theodora Lao
The astrology of fate – Greene
The Bible
Spiritual Astrology Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy
The 7 day Back Pain Cure