XL dog crate (NE Portland (NE Portland (Laurelhurst))

Vari-Kennel brand, largest size. Dusty from being stored in garage, but no rust that I can see, appears to be in very good shape. [NO TEXTS! CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FOLDER FOR MY REPLY.] Preference to soonest pickup.

I've unfortunately had a lot of no-shows from people who ask for something then don't show up, so I am adding this:
Located in Northeast Portland near Providence Medical Center. Easy porch pickup, but you must TELL ME WHEN YOU CAN COMMIT TO PICKING UP. If you are a flake who promises a time then doesn't show up, please go away and don't waste my time. I used to overlook it, but I now provide negative feedback for no-shows. (But I give positive feedback if you pick up when you say you will.)