All Old Video Equipment (Redhill RH1)

Wanted All working non working Video Equipment

TV's Video players, Video disc players, Betamax, Home surround sound systems, Sound bars, Video cameras, Cameras, Cini Cameras, Movie Editing splicing Equipment, Laptop, Tablets, PC's, Pocket TV's, TV VHS Combos, TV DVD Combos, Speakers, Remotes, Cables...ETC

Collection from 50 mile radius of J8 M25

Where possible I will: reuse / recycle / repair and re-sell all items to stop them going to landfill
Please help me stop as much of this from going to landfill as possible.
Thank you

Moderator comment – You need to be aware that passing on any computers or mobile phones could endanger your personal and financial data. Before parting with such devices always return them to factory settings to delete such data. If you don’t know how to do that then get it done by someone you trust.

• Items received in response to this request will be resold. Learn more
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