Countertop Oven with Rotisserie (Pierce Downer, Downers Grove)

Hamilton Beach countertop oven with rotisserie. Manual and all parts included (I believe); see photos. Got this from another Trashnothing member, but we only needed a toaster oven to toast things and heat up leftovers. This oven should do way more, including roasting a whole chicken on a rotating skewer (included)! Please note that we did not have much success using this oven to toast things as the broil function didn't seem to get very hot (measured it at only 375 degrees with oven thermometer), but we think that may be a result of the under-powered outlets in our old house. Hopefully it'll get hotter for you! The bake function got to over 400 degrees. Easy porch pickup in DG near Prince Pond Park.

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