headsets, microphone, portable speakers (not bluetooth) [20886]

Cleaning out some older audio equipment. let me know what you would like
by number, take whatever you can use.

1. basic headphones by Koss. simple foam ear coverings. standard audio
plug. No microphone. Black.
2. Logitech headset. rotatable boom microphone. USB interface. ear
coverings have another layer over the foam, it's a smooth material but I
don't know what it is, one ear cup shows a little flaking of that
material but not extensive. Black.
3. basic desktop microphone. standard audio plug. I think the brand is
"CA" but that didn't help me to identify it. silver.
4. pair of Sony SRS-A10 mini portable speakers, from the days before
bluetooth when the Sony Walkman reigned supreme :) These have standard
audio plugs. They can be operated as-is, or one speaker has a spot for 3
AA batteries to boost the sound (as you can guess they aren't crazy loud
even with the batteries in). the feet snap together for easy packing.

Tape measure is just shown for reference, not offered :)

Porch pickup in East Montgomery Village near Lake Marion, zip 20886
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