brick garden edge pieces, downspout splashblocks, stepping stones [20886]

reworking some landscaping and we no longer need these brick and stone
items. All are used but ready to make someone else's garden happy.

- three concrete downspout splashblocks approximately 11 inches wide by
28 inches long (these are heavy!)
- two light colored square brick stepping stones approximately 8 inches
by 8 inches
- a selection of brick edging pieces - the ends are notched so they can
nest together
-- two straight pieces about 12 inches long (3 "humps" in the picture)
-- eight gently curved pieces about 12 inches long (also 3 "humps")
-- eight larger gently curved pieces about 23 inches long (5 "humps" in
the picture) -- note two of these pieces are cracked, so instead of a
single 5 "hump" piece they are a 2 hump piece and a 3 hump piece.
-- the photo also shows a plastic downspout extended which has seen
better days, I was going to recycle it but if you can use it just let me
know (it still does its job, but it has some 'mileage' on it :)

let me know which pieces you can use - take one, some or all, whatever
you need.

driveway pickup in East Montgomery Village near Lake Marion, zip 20886
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