Job lot - Digital & technology items (Whiteway GL6)

Job lot only
Palm Pilot V with charger, cradle, manuals, stylus and very neat foldable keyboard
Trust 14469 car (cigar lighter) Laptop charger power supply for OLD laptops, adjustable 15 – 24 volts, various now mainly redundant adaptor plugs
Freecom DVB-T/DVB-T & Analog TV USB stick – plug into PC. Windows XP software, probably works with later.
3Com OfficeConnect Wireless 54Mbps 11g Travel Router with case, power supply, manual, cable
Vodafone Mobile Broadband Model K4505 “Broadband Stick” – made by Huawei
Charger/cradle for old Sony Ericsson phone, USB connection
BT Call Reminder Display - model BT260690 (?)

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