large heavy duty duffel bag with issues [20886]

heavy duty duffel bag that is showing signs of age - the material at two
of the bottom outside corners has split and created holes at the outer
seam, and on a third corner the material has split but not enough to
make a hole yet. It's water resistant and has an outside separately
zippered large pocket. Still usable for carrying around large relatively
light items that may get wet (in its current state we used it for taking
towels and linens on vacations, and bringing laundry back). I wouldn't
put it on an airplane though given the damage. Measures about 30 inches
long by 15 inches wide by 14 inches high. Dark blue. one end has some
tape residue where we had a name taped on during a trip to a summer
camp, and on the inside there is a couple pieces of duct tape where my
son tried to patch one of the holes :) Figured I would check if anyone
can use it before trashing it.

Porch pickup in East Montgomery Village near Lake Marion, zip 20886
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