Set of 2 media cabinets - 20874

Offering a set of two media cabinets - good for CDs, DVDs, videos and items of similar size. Each measures 6 3/4 inches deep, with 10-inch bottom lip, 29 1/2 inches wide, and 42 1/4 inches tall. Please bring vehicle large enough to transport both. They're not very heavy, but there are 11 shelves (pictured on top of one of the cabinets) and hardware as well. Each one also has a device on the side that can be used to attach to a wall (see photo). The top of each cabinet has some surface damage/wrinkling (see photo). Got from another Freecycler and never used. Near corner of Wisteria and Great Seneca in Germantown. Please provide day and one-hour time window in your response. No mornings.