Easel, canvases, light tracing box (Queensway Terrace North)

This is another collection of my surplus art-related things...

1) 2 canvasses, one unused 8"x10" with a screwed-on birch frame, and one 36"x12" that I started painting on, then completely lost interest in--which could be repainted white and reused for something new.

2) A home-made easel from many years ago, which I used to display larger paintings on (not being adjustable, it's not really suitable as a painting easel) but no longer need.

3) A misc. stack of heavy cardboards from pads of art papers, notebooks, and the like, which I used to like for quick studies in oils, experiments with painting, and so on (being absorbent, things dried quickly) and a few sheets of loose heavy paper I no longer plan to use.

4) An older Lightracer2 light tracing box, that again, I no longer plan to use. As the lit photo shows, it still works, though it usually takes 2-3 tries to get what I believe is a small fluorescent tube inside it to fire up (modern versions of this use LEDs, but this isn't a modern model). I'm hoping there'll still be lots of life in whatever lights it, as I never ended up using it much, and that someone else can make use of it. Switched off, it can be seen sitting under the easel.

This is part of a group of items I'm posting MONDAY AFTERNOON (Sept 11, 2023). I won't be look to see who's interested until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON (Sept 13, 2023).

Then I'll do my usual: either decide who to offer to, or if there's a lot of interest on an item, I go to a names-in-a-hat exercise.

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