12 in action dolls (Brooklyn ny)

I'm looking for 12-in action dolls I work at a church and I'm a deacon at the church and there's a lady who takes pictures and we're trying to do an art class and I have my collectible GI Joe's but I can't really use all my collectible GI joes they all are from century 21 to 1964 to 1996 GI Joe dolls are 12 in tall does anybody have any 12-in action dolls from century 21 that's what it was called or even just 1996 GI Joe's or regular GI Joe dolls from 1996 that they don't need the people at my church will not keep them what they do is they bring them home make outfits for them we take pictures and the lady actually makes the pictures and we get them developed and we have sometimes a little show at the church and we sell the pictures for like $5 each so I'm looking for somebody who would have any dolls like that that they don't need I would appreciate it and my church will too
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