Acer laptop (Withington M20)

First, if you want this please include your postcode with your reply. If you don't include your postcode I will assume you don't really want it.
It's old. It doesn't have a battery. Its CD drive (not DVD but CD) doesn't work.
The machine itself does work. It is suitable for web browsing, emails, word processing and small spreadsheets.
It has a 20 GB hard disk, 256 MB of RAM, a Pentium 4 processor, a built in video card and a sound card. I have installed Linux Q4OS on it as this is a flavour of Linux that is suitable for older machines. It has a serial port and a parallel port (both now obsolete), an SVGA port and 3 USB ports all on the back of the machine. It also has microphone and earphone sockets, what I think are early card readers, a phone cable socket for a built in modem, a network port and a PS1 port for an external mouse or keyboard. I do not know what the socket is on the front. On the other side there are no sockets, just the CD drive which does not seem to work. I used an external CD drive to install Linux on the machine and I can give you an installation CD. You can buy an external CD/DVD drive from Amazon for under £20.

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