Miyata women's bike (18th & Independence SE 20003)

Giving away a women's bike for my neighbors.

 I rode it a few times and it is completely servicable, but it's been in their basement several years so I don't know how long the tires will last.

It's a women's Miyata bike, kind of golden in color. Pros include it was probably once a high end bike, has fenders for riding in the rain, a rack, and a pouch. I rode it somewhere and a friend was gushing about how much he loved his old Miyata, so I guess it has a fan base. The cons are that it rides a bit like a bikeshare bike and the shifters are on the frame not the handlebar.

When ridong it I feel like I should be in the movie Il Postino. In my opinion it's probably not great for long rides or a hilly or long commute, but great for short or casual rides around town or in scenic places.

I don't normally care who receives items I am giving away as long as they go to a happy home, but my neighbors feel differently. If you'd like the bike please say a little about yourself so I can assure them it went to a happy home and will not be used for parts, but a wonderful person will use it for...