Women's clothes (Metairie, LA)

Hello gang,

So, I'm trying to help out a friend of mine. If you have any clothing that's about the right sizes (see below), please drop me a line. Thanks Gang!

I asked and got the following measurements. She's a size 1X in t-shirts and coats, a size 14-16 (or 1X-2X) in tops and a size 16-18 (or 1X) in skirts and pants (depending on the manufacturer). She wear's a size XL in Leggings and wears a size 10.5 in shoes, though she told me she doesn't mind a little wiggle room and it's happy to about a size 11.5 or 12 if she really has to. She loves skirts esp with elastic waistbands and flowy tops but is open to darn near anything.

The only stuff I know she doesn't really wear are raised heel or stepped shoes (because of a previous back injury) and long or full length dresses. Almost anything else is fair game.
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