Plants (Morningside)

Hello all! I'm always looking for any plants (cuttings, succulents & cactuses are ok too) to rehabilitate &/or give a wonderful home to.
You can be bored with them, need your space back, can't bring them with you when you move, forgot to water them, they look dead, have bugs, whatever. If they have bugs that's ok too, I quarantine them in my bathroom before acclimating. I have grow lights, humidifiers and a burning desire to be surrounded with plants to care for. I'm not antisocial, I just prefer being at home surrounded by & tending to them more than hanging out around people in my free time. Please & thank you in advance. I can pick up at your convenience almost anytime Mon through Fri. Sat/Sun aren't really an option because the MTA is most unpredictable on those 2 days. -Thank you for giving them an opportunity to thrive again, -Dee
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