cat items (Arminta and morella)

Hello community I'm currently homeless with my significant other on the streets of stagg and we found a cat that was thrown out a car weeks ago and we have decided to adopt her we ask if there's any food bowls ,litter boxes, and cat food or anything that can help us we again appreciate all the help we can get at this time being
thank u
I understand that being in need is also overlooked but rn we went through almost all her cat food
Please literally anything helps for our new family member our cat her names chetta anything helps please
we understand that this is a helping app we at this time actually need help and anything helps we didn't expect to adopt this cat but he or she's grown on us and we'll even in our dire situation we ask for help and yes we are trying to get off the streets and understand what adopting is we don't want to just let him or her go after what we had witnessed and anything that's cat related can help us at this time thank u 🙏❤
God bless this community and have a great day please we do not appreciate foul language please we already are having it rough and it's why we are asking for help for something out of the blue thank u have a great day
Can you help with this request?
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