Misc kitchen & household items (Fenway/Kenmore area)

Spring cleaning! Getting rid of miscellaneous items that we no longer need but seem wasteful to throwaway. Take whatever you want from the lisiting.

Knives: good/almost new condition, clean but need to be sharpened for better cutting

Knife sheaths: barely used, can measure dimensions if interested

IKEA utensil holder: okay condition, could use a polish?

Dish scrubbing wands? Left is new, right is used but looks like the sponge part can be replaced

Water bottles: leftmost is brand new, second to the left was used a a rolling pin, two to the right are have been used but are clean and functional.

Empty metal hot chocolate tins (no hot chocolate left): good condition, could be used for storing more hot cocoa (original chocolate shavings came in a plastic bag), tea, coffee or cookies, etc.

[promised] Reusable/disposable ice packs: clean and like new

Paper bags: clean paper bags of various sizes, most with handles. Good for carrying lunch, gifts, craft projects, etc. mostly plain brown, a few may have store/restaurant logos.

BU stationary: unopened pack of ~10 blank cards and envelopes?

Clear name tag holders (for events): like new, various styles.
Collection Times
Week days after 6pm, flexibility on weekends.

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