LG 47LG6000 47" television (Newbourne IP12)

This TV is working (it was our living room TV until today) but does
have a couple of issues:-

1 - The original remote is broken, replacements are quite easy to find
though and it's also not too difficult to use (for example) the
Freeview remote (which is what we have done for several years).

2 - When turned on it sometimes goes into a never ending loop of
turning on and off by itself, the only cure we have found is to unplug
it for a few minutes and then plug it in again. This fault *may* only
be when using the HDMI inputs, it may not happen when using the

It's a pretty standard (quite old) 47" flat screen LG televsion,
picture is OK, it has lots of inputs and outputs, does FreeView, etc.

Collect from Newbourne, it's quite heavy and difficult to manage
single handed. We're quite happy to help put it into a car but you'll
probably need a second person at the unloading end too.
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