Xmas lights (upper west side)

Different length strands, used but functioning

Hi friend, I’m going to try something different.

All items will be available tmrw Thurs 6/20 and Fri 6/21 from 9am to 6pm. If you are free then please write to me and I’ll give you address.

But i would like to request your help… that everyone be kind and nice and take one bag. Please don’t go thru the items and pick and choose. Just take one bag that you think you need.

Please also be polite to my building staff (some ppl in the past have not been very nice) to them nor to me. I really like the trashnothing community and things like this only work if every one is aware and mindful of each other. Many times I’ve had ppl say they’ll come and then they don’t; and thats not cool at all. So please - let’s make this work as best as it can.

Please only respond if you need any of the items and can come tmrw Thurs 6/20 and Fri 6/21 from 9am to 6pm.

I feel like i need to add this note because many ppl don’t know what to do. When you come to building, say you’re there to pick up something from trashnothing. Give the front desk your name and then take one bag from the stuff.

If you were promised something and you haven’t picked it up yet, it will all go into the stuff that ppl can take on Thurs and Fri. Sorry - you had time but you didn’t come. So if you come on Thurs and Fri and don’t see your specific item, you can’t be upset.

Thank you everyone. I hope everyone will find at least one item they need and can use. Take care.


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