furniture and decorative items - request by number please... pet free, smoke free home near Black Hills Regional Park

Please only request items that you have a use for. Willing to hold for a few days if you give me a specific date = saving gas by combing trips is a good thing. We are off Old West Baltimore between 355 and 270, will give more specific address when item(s) claimed

(1) desk chair - black rolling chair with arm rests - see closeup of the slightly damaged arm before you claim

(2) queen/full wooden headboard - headboard only, no frame, but attaches to standard metal frames

(3) pair of wooden stools, 13' diameter. one is 24" tall and other is 29" tall

(4) large sturdy basket approx 17 x 21 inches at top, 12.5 inches deep

(5) smaller wicker basket with liner (could be outdoor planter) 18 inches diameter, 8.5 inches high

(6) decorative artificial vines- short fall colors + bag of unused green ivy (bag label says 84 ft, 12 strands- from size of bag I thing that means 84 ft total, divided into 12 pieces, but didn't open bag to find out)
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