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Request: Dishwasher (Benton At 72015) - Single grandmother in need of Offer: Rat traps (Downtown—SoMa) - A few standard snap traps, some glue paper, even a big live capture trap. Offer: Hot Tub (Sherwood) - Seats 4, no cover. Must bring help to move. I am unable to help. Offer: Solid wood rocking chair (Sherwood) - Maple, some damage on leg(puppy chewed). Offer: 2 glass panes (Downtown—SoMa) - Just the glass—not getting rid of the door
Photo of free 2 glass panes (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Plant pot bases (Downtown—SoMa) - Pretty big—10-14” diameter
Photo of free Plant pot bases (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Stack of red shingles (Downtown—SoMa) - Don’t have much—just what’s in the picture
Photo of free Stack of red shingles (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Soft cooler-torn on side (Downtown—SoMa) - There’s a tear on the side. Might now work great as a cooler, but maybe would be good to hold other stuff?
Photo of free Soft cooler-torn on side (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: About 20 National Geographics (Hillcrest, Little Rock) - from 1980's, 90's, 2000's; excellent condition Offer: Real sad queen mattress+ box spring (Downtown—SoMa) - Mattress sags in the middle and is stained. Likely destined for a dumpster unless you can put it to use! Also have a queen box spring. Aaaand a queen bedframe! Frame has a headboard and footboard. Water stain on footboard but it’s not too noticeable. Headboard has multicolored and multipatterned buttons. It’s a platform frame. Platform planks are a little creaky.
Photo of free Real sad queen mattress+ box spring (Downtown—SoMa)
Request: Building Supplies (Waskom Tx) - Looking for 36 x?? House windows, Insulation, Sheetrock/Drywall and Kitchen Cabinets, Paint. Request: a Reliable Car, Truck (Sherwood) - I am a 66 y.o. man, on a very fixed income and officially classified as disabled. Last month I lost my car in a weather-related accident; I am now totally dependent on others for transportation. If anyone knows of a charitable, philanthropic, or similar group or organization that can and does donate a reliable car or truck to persons in need, please respond with the relevant contact information. Request: Exercise Equipment (Little rock) - looking for a stepper, hand weights (for women), peddler, any kind of exercise equipment that my 13 year old daughter can have. She is on a mission and is wanting some equipment. can pick up in little rock and near by areas. thanks in advance. Offer: 4 table cloths (Hillcrest, Little Rock) - 1 yellow round table cloth about 4 ft diameter 1 Green rectangle table cloth about 4.5 ft by 5.5 ft 2 off-white square table cloths about 3.5 ft by 3.5 ft (like for card table)
Photo of free 4 table cloths (Hillcrest, Little Rock)
Offer: New hardcover book (Hillcrest, Little Rock) - The Snake Charmer- see photos of paper cover; new condition hardback book
Photo of free New hardcover book (Hillcrest, Little Rock)
Photo of free New hardcover book (Hillcrest, Little Rock)
Offer: 2 horse racing books (Hillcrest, Little Rock) - See photo Secretariat - paperback - like new Laughing in the Hills - hardcover
Photo of free 2 horse racing books (Hillcrest, Little Rock)
Offer: Coffee table book (Hillcrest, Little Rock) - New with plastic covering still on. See photos for front and back covers.
Photo of free Coffee table book (Hillcrest, Little Rock)
Photo of free Coffee table book (Hillcrest, Little Rock)
Request: Engine (Little Rock) - Looking for a 350 engine to put in my Sonoma Offer: Mexico Atlas (in Spanish) (Hillcrest, Little Rock) - Used paperback Mexico Atlas in Spanish (see photos)
Photo of free Mexico Atlas (in Spanish) (Hillcrest, Little Rock)
Photo of free Mexico Atlas (in Spanish) (Hillcrest, Little Rock)
Offer: Blender (West Little Rock) - You can see from the picture that the little plastic top is gone. Melted in dishwasher. Otherwise blender works fine. Maybe you can solve the hole in the top problem.
Photo of free Blender (West Little Rock)
Request: old cars (benton arkansa 72019) - we are diamond unlimited restoration inc our proceeds go to the vets we are 501 3 c we have ones donate cars for them we restore vintage,exotic,classic muscle cars and sell them to help the vets it does not matter what you have will pick it up ,running or not broken,construction materials what ever will find the place for it we are in benton arkansas 504-266-1735 mark Request: 3 bdrm 2 bath home (Central Arkansas area) - ISO 3 bedroom 2 bath house owner financing. Fixer up .. Request: Items for starter home (Bryant, Benton, conway) - Basically, in starting over from scratch. I. Need of any basic essentials in order to do so. If anyone has anything at all to donate or charge me a fair price please let me know. Coffee pot, toaster, silverware, cutting board, tea pitchers, Anything helps. 5014485303 that k you Request: anykind of building materials (Prattsville AR) - Wood, roofing, tile, concreete, gravel, plumbing, bricks, metal, rocks, fencing, any tools or gargening supplys or anything like that or even stuff for animals thx everone can posibly pick up stuff. Request: Bed and Bath Linens (Hillcrest in Little Rock) - Looking for towels any color full queen and twin sheets any color Offer: Empty No Lablel 💊 Bottles (Hillcrest in Little Rock) - Common 💊 bottles to be given away Offer: Twin box springs (Little rock) - I have 2 twin box springs to offer. Box springs only. These are being stored in a garage so the longer they sit they will begin to get dusty. Pick up in sardis area. Request: Clothes Dryer (Alexander) - In need of dryer that works will pick up if not to far.thankyou in advance. Offer: Car racing mags (31 Lefever lane) - Curbside 31 lefever little Rock AR. Boxes of car racing magazines. Request: Mobile home (Perry, AR,) - Would honestly love a 3 bedroom 2 bath mobile home .I am a widow and my. Disabled son lives with me. Only interested parties please we can sit and hopefully work out something thank you And God bless I am pretty sure I can come get it