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Request: Dresser (Mississauga - Square One) - Family seeking a dresser with delivery to Square One apartment. Thank you kindly Offer: Metallic print in frame (Burloak & Rebecca) - Metallic fantasy ocean scene in a gold coloured 8" x 10" frame
Request: Fig branch (Center and Bathurst (Vaughan)) - Looking for any fig branch for planting. Pickup anytime. Thanks Request: tow bar (Pleasant View) - For towing a car Request: Polar heart rate monitor (Tottenham) - I am in need of a polar heart rate monitor. If anyone has one they no longer need I could put it to good use! Thank you!☺ Offer: Drapery track I-beam white (Britannia & Winston Churchill) - White I-beam style drapery track with hardware . See picture. 1 ten foot length, 2 four foot lengths and one 11 inch extension. Related hardware as in picture. Great condition. Porch pick up available. Offer: Exterior Shutters 4 foot(2) (Dundas) - Grey -can be painted. New End of Driveway pick up Offer: Everbearing Heritage Rasberry plant (Dundas) - Cut back and ready to plant. These bear fruit late summer until frost!! Delicious End of driveway pick up Request: Books (Lakeshore/Silverbirch) - I am desperate for books. The library is closed and I have read everything in the house. Request: fire bowl (east york) - bottom finally gave way am looking for a reasonably used (not needed) fire bowl. contact 416-465-8993 Request: rollator/walker (York) - In need of a walker (rollator) with wheels, with a seat, hopefully a storage space. Mine was taken! Request: Kitty supplies in the time of COVID (West Toronto) - King & Dufferin in Parkdale Not able to travel far, saving what fare is left on my Presto for an emergency. I'm on ODSP, if that means anything to you. Greetings! I have 6 cats I'm looking to feed. All my boys have a history of struvite crystals blocking them up, but one of them is allergic to the urinary S/O, so canned food is preferred. Kibble is ok for my girls. Although I asked for canned for my cranky grandma cat before, she keeps stealing the foster girl's kibble, so I guess she's good 😆. Litter is running low too, so if you happen to have some plant based clumping litter, that would be amazing. Thank you for reading, and I am grateful for your consideration. ❤️🙏🏻 Request: (Black) upholstery fabric or vinyl (Burnhamthorpe and Tomken) - I’m trying to recover a chair. I have some fabric but not enough.Since the cover is sewn in panels I could use a coordinating fabric to make up the difference. I thought black would be easy to match, though brown may work too. I would need close to a metre of fabric. And if you have 2 metres of any fabric and could send a photo, that might work too. It’s for my daughter’s office chair.
Request: 50ml of MEK Solvent (west Toronto/east Mississauga) - I'm hoping that someone out there can spare a splash of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). I need a small quantity to fix a plastic part on my coffee grinder. I will, of course, come to your location with my own container. Offer: Moving and this must go by April 23 (Mainway and Dillan Burlington) - I have a bunch of stuff I would like to give away. I would like someone to take the entire lot. Probably trunk full. They can use what they want and give away rest or wait for donation bins to be set up again. Request: cd player (DowntownToronto) - Looking for a cd player to bring music back into my life. Anything very much appreciated! Thanks, have agreat day! Offer: Coffee maker Braun 10-cup (403 & Winston Churchill) - Uses No. 4 cone filters Porch pick up
Offer: Pyramid Power game (403 & Winston Churchill) - Toy for Ages 10 and up. Cleaned in dishwasher. Porch pick up
Request: Chainsaw (Burlington) - In need of a chain saw Offer: T12 fluorescent light (Sheridan homelands) - Working condition, may need new bulbs. We changed to LED so don’t need this anymore. PPU at Dundas and Erin Mills Offer: a camp cooler and tuck box - I have a camping cooler upright with 1 shelve in it, and a tuck box approx. 18 z 18 x 30 rough estimate with a shelve that contains the frying pan a pot with lid, plates cups bowls ect…, a dishpan to wash up with. A kettle. If anyone wants to come to Bradford to pick it up please contact me at 905 775 8010 ask for Janet. Request: man's bicycle - Looking for a gently used mans bike, any type from basic to 10 speed. If you no longer want one that is taking up space we would appreciate it! Thanks Janet Request: Patio stone or brick (scarbrough m1e3t1) - I need patio stone or brick Offer: Old ink cartridges. Empty (Winston Churchill/collegeway) - I have a Ziploc baggie full of used and empty ink cartridges available. Some are from Canon some from HP. Please let me know date and time for possible porch pick up near Winston Churchill and Collegeway Offer: Kids sunglasses (Winston Churchill/collegeway) - Two pairs of kids sunglasses. Please state date and time for possible porch pick up near Winston Churchill and the Collegeway
Offer: Baby slippers (Winston Churchill/collegeway) - Baby slippers. Not sure for what age, but not newborn. Probably 6 to 9 months. Please state date and time for possible porch pick up near Winston Churchill and Collegeway
Request: Any model iphone unlocked (Winston Churchill/collegeway) - I am looking for any model of working iPhone. Unlocked. iPhone 4,5 or 6 are great. Of course I would take a newer model, but I’m just looking for something for my son to use as an iPod and for iMessage. Request: a working micro cassette recorder-player. - Hello, I am in need of a working micro cassette recorder-player. My unit stopped working, so I need a player-recorder to listen to all my micro tapes. If you have a recorder player in good working condition, that is no longer needed or used, I would very much appreciate having it. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Stay well, stay safe. Request: Old linens & pillowcases (Etobicoke North) - i'm collecting old linens, bedshets, pillowcases, etc to re-purpose into re-usable produce bags. if you have any you don't intend to use anymore, i would be happy to take them. Willing to travel! Offer: 20 gal fish tank (Yonge/Major Mac) - Bought as a starter kit, has all the accessories. Includes gravel.