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Request: Plastic Army Men (Chico) - My son keeps asking for some of those plastic army men toys. I checked the dollar store & they didn't have any. Perhaps you have some laying around you're willing to part with? Thank you! Request: Generator - any condition (Clearlake Oaks) - I'm looking for a generator. I would take any condition. Free: Grad 2023 Sunglasses (Chico) - Free Grad 2023 sunglasses
Photo of free Grad 2023 Sunglasses (Chico)
Free: Chest Freezer (Chico) - FREE chest freezer. Won't work & we're not sure why. Maybe you can fix it or use for parts?
Photo of free Chest Freezer (Chico)
Photo of free Chest Freezer (Chico)
Request: iPad for a kid-older/very used ok (Anywhere is Humboldt) - Looking for an iPad so that a young kid can install some apps to work on a few skills that their teacher wants them to focus on over the summer. Our current older, kid iPad is now so old that it won’t accept updates or download the educational apps the teacher gave us a free code for… anyone got any size or age of iPads that we could try? I think the iOS update we need it to be able to do is 10. 🙏 a little cracked screen or something would be no prob! Free: Biodegradable Packing Peanuts (Downtown Nevada City) - Biodegradable packing peanuts made out of vegetable starch, bag is the size of a standard pillow case
Photo of free Biodegradable Packing Peanuts (Downtown Nevada City)
Free: Firewood - oak cut and split (Banner Mountain off Caroline) - Firewood for anyone who will haul it away. Mostly oak, split, cut, and seasoned.
Photo of free Firewood - oak cut and split (Banner Mountain off Caroline)
Free: HP Printer (Ashley) - Printer in working condition. Can’t be hooked up to WiFi but works well when contacted to your computer.
Photo of free HP Printer (Ashley)
Free: Student textbooks (Ashley) - Textbooks used for homeschooling. In wonderful condition - only a few pages are written in.
Photo of free Student textbooks (Ashley)
Photo of free Student textbooks (Ashley)
Free: Car radio (Ashley) - This radio/CD player was our sons. He no longer needs it. Hope someone needs one.
Photo of free Car radio (Ashley)
Request: Small enclosed trailer (Clearlake Oaks) - Fairly small enclosed cargo trailer that I can pull with my truck as I venture through life with my best friend JB! Thank you
Photo of Small enclosed trailer (Clearlake Oaks)
Request: Running vehicle (Grass Valley, Brunswick) - In need of a running vehicle so I can get to my Dr. appointments and to sleep in. The one I have now is on its last leg. Anything that is running, I couldn't be more grateful for. My number is (530)460-8719 Request: Camping Cot (Chico) - My son is a Boy Scout & is looking for a cot to use for camping trips. Thank you! Free: Precor Eliptical Exercise Machine (Just south of Albion) - Older Precor EFX 546 Crosstrainer. Some rust but still functions well with adjustable grade and resistance. Very well built and very heavy. Free for the taking.
Photo of free Precor Eliptical Exercise Machine (Just south of Albion)
Request: Portable AC (Chico) - I am looking for a portable ac unit in good condition and working. It has to be free as I have no income the person I live with will not turn the ac on I have long haired cat who is not doing well with the heat I also have medical conditions and am struggling as well Request: Astroturf or any fake grass (Anywhere in humboldt) - For art project….. roll or sections or anything! Request: Black, white, red leftover paint (Anywhere in Humboldt) - My family is creating an artistic installation, and needs leftover paint, anything could Erik but especially black, white, and red….🙏 Request: Black & white checker vinyl remnant (Anywhere in Humboldt) - My family artist is creating an installation for an “Alice in Wonderland” themed event and needs black and white checkered/squares flooring— a vinyl remnant would be perfect! Anyone have one leftover from a kitchen project maybe? 🙏 Request: plastic garden pots & soda bottles (Redway (SoHum)) - ISO large amounts of plastic garden pots. 2 gallon especially, but will take almost any size and give away any I don't need.. I'm in SoHum and am finding out that some people are leaving hundreds in the woods or throwing them in the dump. The dump won't let anyone take them because of liability problems. I do plan on selling some of the plants in the future, yard sale style, so this is a resell. What I don't need I will give away. I know a few people growing out trees and misc regular garden plants. Some of them will also be a resell. I have given free plants to people who have given me free pots.. ALSO looking for lots of 2 liter plastic diet soda bottles. Diet or sugar free ONLY please- I have ants and they can smell any trace of sugar. Must be un-crushed. They make great tree starter pots. No rank diseases like fusariujm wilt or scale please.. A few spider mites or mildew OK. I will sterilize them, but please, no bad plant diseases.. I'm in Redway but go up to Eureka occasionally 707 672 5550. [ Items received in response to this request will be resold ] Request: Washing machine (Garberville McKinleyville) - Electric Request: Flat Screen& microwave (Chico) - Working Request: Black Pop Socket (Woodland, CA) - We're looking for a Black Pop Socket for a Samsung phone. Request: Headphones Wanted - Wired Fine (Woodland, CA) - My daughter is looking for some headphones - wired are fine. Any type or shape fine. Request: Basketball (Woodland, CA) - Our son and daughter would love to get a regulation size basketball. Ant color. Thanks. Free: hose caddy (Grass Valley/Morgan Ranch) - used meant to mount on wall. Some screws included.
Photo of free hose caddy (Grass Valley/Morgan Ranch)
Request: vinyl flooring (Grass Valley-Brunswick basin) - Looking for any vinyl flooring: any color, any design, used is ok, or just a piece you bought and never used will be fine. It will be used in a storage area to simply make it easy to slide boxes around, so the style is absolutely not a concern. I will need these approximate sizes: 2 ft x 7 feet 4 ft x 6 ft 8 ft x 8 ft Free: Cake supplies (Auburn, near Lake of the Pines) - Tier pillars for separating cake layers, (4) 5" clear, (4) 9" clear, (4) 9" white, with collars and a few misc other cake decorating supplies. FREE Request: Area Rug (Beamer West) - Looking for a large area rug ideally 5x8ft minimum. Hopefully colorful, but interested in any. Request: Mason Jars (North Yuba City) - Mason Jars; Any size prior use for food and drinking only
Photo of Mason Jars (North Yuba City)
Free: Fluorescent Kitchen Lightbox, etc (Grass Valley near Kmart/Target) - 53" x 58 1/4" Kitchen Lightbox, beige oak 3 new bulbs and 6 used bulbs that still work- for the Lightbox Ballasts for Kitchen Lightbox
Photo of free Fluorescent Kitchen Lightbox, etc (Grass Valley near Kmart/Target)
Photo of free Fluorescent Kitchen Lightbox, etc (Grass Valley near Kmart/Target)
Photo of free Fluorescent Kitchen Lightbox, etc (Grass Valley near Kmart/Target)
Photo of free Fluorescent Kitchen Lightbox, etc (Grass Valley near Kmart/Target)
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