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Request: blender, food processor - ISO blender, food processor Request: Supplies for English Teacher Class (Truckee - Tahoe Donner) - I am collecting books for a high school English Teacher in a low income school. She is wanting to create a reading corner in her classroom and fill it with books. Her needs are: Bean Bags to sit in for the kids carpet for the corner light or lights to hang from ceiling in corner tall shelves or corner shelves Great books to entice teens to love reading Thank you so much for reading. If you donate, I will gladly send you a picture of the finished reading corner. God bless you. Request: Child's Dresser (Reno) - Any color.Direly needed! Thank you! Offer: Overalls For Halloween? Scarecrow? Chicago Park Area - Blue Overalls Size 17/18 36" Waist 26" Inseam Has stains and paint marks but no holes Recently washed Request: chicken wire (La Barr Meadows Road) - I need a small amount of chicken wire. If anyone has some left over from a project, I would love to have it. Offer: office chair (La Barr Meadows Road) - Black, faux leather chair with arms. Bought a desk that came with a chair (don't need the chair). Offer: Wood Stove (Cascade Shores, Nevada City) - Pacific Energy Vista Wood Stove. Looks good and works very good. However, the weld on the door hinge cracked last winter. We had it professionally re-welded, but it is a temporary fix. There is no way of knowing how long the welding will last because of it not being a type of metal that can be welded permanently. Does not include pipe. Can call us at 530-265-8436 Offer: 2 Pantry Doors (Sparks) - Used standard size wooden pantry doors. Painted a dark burgundy with some scratches, they've been in storage. A little TLC will bring them right back to looking great. Request: Large Shelving Units (East Sparks (just off Vista)) - Good condition to fixable. Assembled or disassembled. Preferably metal/wood combination or metal. 18" to 24" deep, Height, Width & Color - any is Ok. Request: just two insulation batts to finish project - R-13 batts 23" wide by about 3 1/2" They sell 'em by the bundle, just need two. Anyone? Request: embroidery hoops for 4H proejct - If anyone has any embroidery hoops that they don't need, we would love to get them for a Christmas project we are doing with our 4-H craft group. Large ones are preferred but we could use most any. 263-6294 Offer: sheets & pieces of rigid insulation, Alta Sierra - offer: 3 + sheets & pieces of rigid insulation. 4ft x 6 ft x 3 in. Alta Sierra 273-1236 IMG_5277 Offer: Woodstove - Pacific Energy Vista Woodstove. The weld on one of the hinges of the door broke last winter. We had it welded, but it is only a temporary fix since it isn't the kind of metal that can be permanently welded. So it cannot be depended on to last. Looks great, doesn't include pipe. Request: a small trailer (Reno nv) - Any small trailer Offer: John's incredible pizza Fun Cards (Antelope) - These are Fun Cards they have 331 & 467 points for a total of 798 pts that are still available and going to be wasted because we just can't afford to go there so our loss is ur gain (these are not coupons these are not gift cards these are not promotional or advertising) they are simply free points that we can't use if this is not allowed please let me know Request: Outdoor cushions (Oroville) - Looking for cushions for 5 chairs and a 2 seater swing, so 7 cushions total for patio furniture. Request: Adult tricycle with baskets (Antelope) - ISO Adult tricycle with baskets I am disabled and will be spending most of my income on rent therefore I wont be able to afford car insurance and gas for my van so i need an alternative way to get places Request: Over Toilet Storage Shelving (Reno) - It's a 1piece shelving unit that fits over the toilet tank & has either 2 shelves or 3. It's usually metal, but I'll humbly accept wicker. Thank you! Request: Full Size Bed (Antelope) - Full Size decent condition I am currently sleeping on a hard wood floor I have arthritis in my back both hips and knees Offer: two collapsible outdoor side tables - Please take both. Text 6306251199 if you are interested. Bonnie Request: Small portable dog playpen - I'm in search of one of those wire folding playpens you can set up in the yard for a small dog. It's actually for a rabbit so it doesn't have to be huge, just tall enough that he won't jump over it. If anyone has something like that they're not using, I'd be grateful! Request: old working guitars? (old NW Reno) - teaching guitar at boys and girls club in Reno, ok if they need strings! Request: items for cancer are bags (Citrus Heights, 95610) - Still seeking items for cancer care bags. I am a recent cancer survivor and am making cancer care bags for cancer patients. Unfortunately, its taking a long time to get them filled, due to my fixed and limited income. If you can help I would appreciate it. NEEDED: 12 purse size tissues, 10 bamboo back scratchers, 6 yards of cotton fabric and poly fiber fill to make little pillows. Any travel size and scent free personal items. Thank you! Request: Bike rack tow hitch mount (W Empire st) - looking for a bike rack that mounts in tow hitch. Thank You.
Request: Old Newspaper - Looking for stacks of newspaper. Will pick up at your place or meet in town. Thank you. Offer: Mugs, Truck Plastic bedliner - The Seat Covers have been claimed! Thanks for any interest. Offer: Several Items : Mugs, Seat Cover Set . Truck Plastic bedliner - I have the following items: - 7 10 ounce white ceramic coffee mugs (Straight up and down- cylindrical) - A tan car leather-like fitted seat cover kit for 2 front seats and a rear bench - New. - Black Plastic pickup truck bedliner. Came out of a 1998Ford Ranger standard bed. Does not fit in my 1995 Chevy S10 as it's 2" taller than the bed. Offer: Re Bed liner, cups and seat covers... - Well duh... I forgot my contact info. Best to text me at 530-798-9035 or email me at Sorry! Offer: Dog training/Schutzhund magazines for free - I have about 20 magazines - with some really good articles about dogs and training. Offer: Egg cartons (SW Reno) - I have nearly 30 egg cartons. Most are cardboard and hold a dozen eggs. Located near Hunter Lake and Plumb