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Offer: Small boom box (Richmond) Promised - Well-loved boom box. Radio with plug works if you need an extra in a workshop or spare room.
Photo of free Small boom box (Richmond)
Request: book Lord of the Rings (N Berkeley) - Got a copy of The Lord of the Rings book (either the first book or the consolidated book) that you can pass on? Offer: Box One game (Rodeo) - I received this item by mistake and the company confirmed I don't have to send it back so it's up for grabs! Here is a description:
Photo of free Box One game (Rodeo)
Request: Wheelchair (UC Berkeley Campus) - I work at a medical clinic that works with predominantly homeless patients. If you’d be willing to donate an old wheelchair that would be much appreciated. Offer: Binders (Belvedere Tiburon) - Box of 18 binders of various sizes. All in good working order. Some with written subjects that could be covered with duct tape, sharpie or other labels if needed. Great for school or home organizing!
Photo of free Binders (Belvedere Tiburon)
Offer: Desk side trash can (Central San Rafael) - Or for anywhere you need one
Photo of free Desk side trash can (Central San Rafael)
Offer: Couch (North Berkeley) - Well loved, Grey, pottery barn?, couch. Some stains, still super comfy. From a house with a dog. 82 inches long by 40 inches wide.
Photo of free Couch (North Berkeley)
Photo of free Couch (North Berkeley)
Offer: French Horn standard mute (Upper Rockridge) - well loved for decades - comes complete with added 'yank out in 1 beat, hang on your wrist' strap for moments when composers have written quick de-mute moments. I misplaced this one, bought a new one, then found my old friend.
Photo of free French Horn standard mute (Upper Rockridge)
Offer: Random items (El Cerrito) - I have an assortment of random items for the taking: - 3 1/2 face masks with glitter (red, black, silver) - 3 ice cube trays - 61xl ink cartridge - it’s a recycled ink cartridge & bought it for an HP printer I no longer have - old tape player (haven’t used it in yrs!) - a kit to see how much h2o you use (from EBMUD) Porch p/u in El Cerrito - near the Plaza & Bart station Thanks!
Photo of free Random items (El Cerrito)
Offer: Darkroom equipment (Oakland (Temescal)) - I was given this in 2009 and sadly never had a place that worked for having a darkroom. I’m moving and I think it’s time to part with this setup. I don’t recall what exactly is in the box, but I know there’s an enlarger for sure. I think there’s also developing trays, film developing canister, and some other odds and ends. I seem to recall that it’s not a full setup, but pretty darn close. I thought maybe a school might be able to use the equipment, or another afficianado like myself! Pickup today (Sunday) by 5pm in north Oakland or next Saturday afternoon. Cheers! :) Offer: New Yorker Magazines, 7/19-2/20 (North Oakland/South Berkeley) - I give up. I am never going to work my way through this stack of New Yorkers, that accumulated before I discontinued my weekly, physical copies. There's so much good stuff in them that I hate to just dump them in the recycling bin. Anybody want to revisit that golden time, before it all came down? Drop me a line. Offer: Binders (Oakland near Mills College) - 10 white binders. Given at various conferences. Dusty but in good condition! Give me a 2hr pick up time frame & Ill leave them out for you!
Photo of free Binders (Oakland near Mills College)
Offer: Misc pieces of Fabric (Central San Rafael) - All sizes.
Photo of free Misc pieces of Fabric (Central San Rafael)
Offer: Locker (Central San Rafael) Promised - Lock included.
Photo of free Locker (Central San Rafael)
Offer: Chevy 350 marine long block (Central San Rafael) - Took out of a ski boat last year. Re-buildable, no rust. Offer: Big Box (Eastlake, Oakland) - I have a big, strong, empty box that's 24"l x 18"w 17"h. Anybody need one?
Photo of free Big Box (Eastlake, Oakland)
Offer: Smooth move tea (Oakland) - Five satchels of smooth move tea
Photo of free Smooth move tea (Oakland)
Request: BOB-Body Opponent Bag (Emeryville) - Wanted: BOB so I can train at home. Any condition is ok as long as it’s functional Request: Hamster cage/aquarium (Richmond) - ISO: hamster cage or large aquarium for my hamster Request: Cardboard Boxes (El Sobrante, CA) - Hello, we are moving and are looking for all sizes of cardboard boxes. Let us know! Request: small tool organizers (Hercules) Request: garden rake or just the tined head (Hercules) Request: kids bike for 11 year old book (Orinda (near the tunnel)) - Maybe you have one collecting dust in your garage? Or maybe your kid has outgrown it? Looking for a bike for my son that is rideable and in decent condition. Thank you in advance. Request: Knitting machine (Greenbrae - South Eliseo Drive) - I have some lovely yarns but want faster results than my slow hands can produce. I’d like to try a knitting machine if you have one gathering dust? Offer: Boys t-shirts size S (Rockridge/Temescal) - All size S (6-7) 2 short sleeve athletic (poly) gray "Go Bears Cal" and green "Game On" 1 long sleeve athletic (poly) blue with black sleeves "Star Wars" 1 short sleeve (cotton) black "Trackers" shirt with eagle wings and "Rangers" on reverse (this is from the Trackers Camp) All laundered. Only the green Game On shirt has a small stain from a brown marker. See photo
Photo of free Boys t-shirts size S (Rockridge/Temescal)
Photo of free Boys t-shirts size S (Rockridge/Temescal)
Offer: Boys Champion athletic shorts (Rockridge/Temescal) - 4 pairs, all size S (6-7) All with pockets. Laundered and no stains.
Photo of free Boys Champion athletic shorts (Rockridge/Temescal)
Offer: Small Tiffany gift box and pouch (Rockridge/Temescal) - A small necklace came in this box and drawstring pouch. Measures 7" x 2.5" x 3/4" dep
Photo of free Small Tiffany gift box and pouch (Rockridge/Temescal)
Request: adult bikes (Richmond) - **UPDATE** We found one and need only one other bike for my husband! We are looking for 2 working adult bikes so we can go on bike rides with our son who just learned how to ride his bike and is loving it! He’s asking the his dad and I, get bikes so we can go on rides with him. Instead of slowing him down with us walking!
Photo of adult bikes (Richmond)
Offer: Black swivel chair, faux leather (Rockridge/Temescal) - Originally from Cost Plus World Market. Well-worn (see photos of seat with butt wear LOL). The seat imprint is more prominent up close than at a distance, as you'll notice in the photos. The "leather" is wearing off. Measurements: Width 24" overall (arm to arm), and 19" seat cushion Height 26", and floor to seat is 17" Depth 32" (it is curved, so that is the furthest/deepest it goes) It is this chair, more or less, but in faux black leather. The arms on my chair are a bit wider.
Photo of free Black swivel chair, faux leather (Rockridge/Temescal)
Photo of free Black swivel chair, faux leather (Rockridge/Temescal)
Photo of free Black swivel chair, faux leather (Rockridge/Temescal)
Photo of free Black swivel chair, faux leather (Rockridge/Temescal)
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Offer: Teeny tiny key lock (Rockridge/Temescal) - This was my grandmother's. Still works, key and all! She used it on her diary. Lock is about 1" long. See photo
Photo of free Teeny tiny key lock (Rockridge/Temescal)