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Offer: Teak wood veneer cabinet (Pantops) - 75" tall, 31" wide and 16" deep; very rickety, needs repair; some water damage at the bottom where it was touching the floor; one drawer front is loose. Dolly can be used to move the cabinet to a vehicle.
Request: Moka pot- stovetop espresso (off of 5th Street/ Wegmans) - Do you have a Moka pot stovetop espresso brewer gathering dust in your kitchen? my heart hasn't been quite "shocked" with keurig brewed coffee...need some daily espresso. thanks
Offer: Fax machine (between Ivy and Crozet) - Includes the instruction book. It worked fine the last time we had occasion to use it.
Request: Sofa/couch (Waynesboro) - Our Lil old lady, our sweet girl 15yo Dalmatian has recently lost ability to get up go to door before she has to go out. Daphne's day sleep space has always been on The sofa next to her favorite human, (my hubby). So YEAH eweweeee yuck our sofa was pretty well destroyed as the urine soaked through the cushion which doesn't detach & We certainly can’t afford another. We are Desperately in Need of a sofa in decent condition- please no pets sooo my 4yo boxer doesn’t feel the need to Mark territory upon entry of sofa😜😂we'd be in same situation. Offer: English Teacups (Grottoes, VA) - 4 ivory colored tea cups. Made in England. All in excellent condition. Pickup only.
Request: Small Womens Vanity set (Staunton,waynesboro,Augusta Co) - Small size - used Request: Free cat tower and cat toys (Staunton,waynesboro,Augusta Co) - Used any size Request: Slips or cuttings from plants (Charlottesville East) - Would like slips or cuttings to root. Especially interested in epliphylum, orchid cactus, ric rac, etc. Thanks. Request: Lattice (off of 5th St near exit 120) - I need a piece of lattice at least 34wide by 80 inches high if anyone has any left overs from a project. It's to make a barrier for a kitty. Thanks so much. Offer: Two Vintage chairs (off of 5th St near exit 120) - These are good quality wood chairs that had a grass like woven seat that was unraveled. Not having the patience to redo that or where to get the material, I cut 2 wooden seats intending to pad and cover with a nice material. However , I no longer feel the need to do that project. They are a very nice wood and I would hate to trash them.
Offer: Paper bag of paper bags (Near PenPark, Charlottesville) - Variety of sizes & shapes Request: rolling pin (Charlottesville East) - Rolling pin - any size or shape will do Request: Moka pot- stovetop espresso (off of 5th Street/ Wegmans) - Do you have a Moka pot stovetop espresso brewer gathering dust in your kitchen? my heart hasn't quite shocked with keurig brewed coffee...need some daily espresso. thanks
Request: Hens and Chicks Pot/Planter (Charlottesville East) - any size Request: Dutch Oven (Charlottesville East) - any color or size Request: Anything that you dont need (Roanoke area) - Any Offer: Pallets (Preston ave, Charlottesville) - Ten varying condition pallets good for building. Come pick up at Will from 500 Henry ave (off of Harris st
Request: Kitchen garden window (Lake monticello) - I am searching for a window like the one in this picture. If anyone has one to get rid of or knows where I can find one around here at a reasonable price please let me know. Thank you
Offer: Carpet a little over a year old (Lake monticello) - I just bought a house and it has fairly new carpet in the basement. BUT the house was a rental and seems like the previous people left their dog inside quite a but hence the strong dog urine smell. I have not tried to steam clean it or professionally haven't cleaned because I don't want carpet floors anywhere in the house. You are welcome to have some or all of it but you have to cut it out yourself. Let me know asap if you want it. If not, I will be forced to throw it away.
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Request: Thick queen mattress (Lynchburg) - In serious need of a clean bug free queen sized mattress ASAP please! We bought a new bed and the mattress is paper thin. I cant afford to buy another bed let alone thicker mattress and my body is killin me I need sleep :-/ Request: Sofa/couch (Waynesboro) - Need a sofa in decent condition- no pets please. Offer: Red/White Pom Poms (Hillsborough, Forest Ridge) - State Fan? Kids' Cheer? Red/White Pom Poms Pre-fluffed [Dollar bill used as size reference, not included :)]
Offer: Office stamps (UVA/Rugby) - Two office stamps, they work perfectly. Rugby/UVA area, porch pickup.
Offer: Used Canvasses (Belmont Park) - I have 3 used canvasses. Turns out I’m more into the “wine" part of Wine & Design. Feel free to display terrible artwork or cover them over!
Offer: Comb binding machine and supplies (UVA/Rugby) - CombBindC75 binds papers, reports, etc. Works perfectly. Lots of supplies as seen here. Near UVA off Rugby Rd, porch pickup.
Offer: Roku 2 (Near PenPark) - Older working model ,with remote & various cords. No longer need Request: Fish tank (Grottoes, VA) - Looking for a 5 gallon tank for my beta fish. Offer: Variety of plastic pitchers (Downtown Charlottesville) - Two of those very large pitchers and one smaller one. Good condition. I'm just not using them. Request: Vegetable/flower seeds, seedlings, (Charlottesville, 5th Street /W) - Disabled and trying to start a garden at doctors suggestion. Fixed income and not much for buying the supplies at garden center. Offer: Wooden Musket (Belmont) - Wooden Musket, was a toy but may be useful as a theater or other costume prop. It's a light weight solid piece of wood with no moving parts, no metal parts. About 4 feet long.