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Request: 1155 gen3 intel board (W. Payran near older luckys) - WANTED: socket 1155 motherboard for 3rd gen intel Offer: Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle (West Santa Rosa) - I am the original owner of this 1.7 liter electric kettle. Excellent condition. Heats quickly. Auto shutoff. On/off switch lights up while in use. Bought 20 years ago to use at work and am now working from home, where I already have a tea kettle.
Offer: Dog food (Terra Linda) - Our sweet dog has recently left us. In his absence, we have several cans of wet dog food, milk bones, and other such materials that could use a new home that does have a dog. I will happily load it into a box and put it on the porch for anyone who could use it. Offer: HP PhotoSmart 260 photo printer (Terra Linda) - Offered: HP PhotoSmart 260. Prints photos onto 4x6 on glossy paper. Unit is 8"x4"x5"tall. It comes with its original power supply, manual and box plus 40 4x6 sheets and an unopened toner cartridge. In Terra Linda. Offer: Packing Peanuts (Chester Dr & Petaluma Hill Rd) - Hi I have about a third of a clean new kitchen trash bag of packing peanuts to give. Someone gave it to me as part of a bunch of moving boxes and packing material I got a couple months ago long before the coronavirus hit in the US.We are healthy here thankfully. I'm just trying to avoid tossing these in the trash or recycling because I don't think they are recyclable. I'm using the boxes and other packing materials like paper but not these. So please text or call Cate at 707-480-3207 if you need these for shipping packages. I can wash my hands well and wear gloves to put the bag out for you by my front steps. Offer: Bags of Ice and Ice Packs (Chester Dr & Petaluma Hill Rd) - Hi this might be an unusual give away post, But way back when we had all those power outages from PG&e I stocked up on a few blocks of ice and bags of ice in my garage freezer. So it was way before Corona virus happened these are clean and good bags of ice and I just didn't want to throw them outside to melt if anyone needs any bags of ice. Also I seem to have collected a ridiculous amount of ice packs good for icing whatever is sore or after a surgery. I have too many of these and since I want to try to sell my house in late May I want to free up room in my freezer for food that we can consume and use up. If you want these items I can wash up well and wear latex gloves to put these things into plastic bags I have. My son and I are healthy here thankfully. Cate at 707-480-3207, calls and texts are fine. Request: Jigsaw Puzzle (East Petaluma) - 500-1000 pieces, preferably located in Petaluma. Thank you!! Request: LARGE PRINT books (Petaluma near Whole Foods) - If anyone has some LARGE PRINT books I could borrow or have I would appreciate them. The libraries are closed. Request: 2-drawer File Cabinet wanted (North Petaluma) - Looking for metal or wood 2-drawer file cabinet in decent condition. PREFERABLY WITH LOCK AND KEY. Standard size, nothing flat or huge or super heavy. Thank you! much appreciated. Martin Please call at 415 424 1458 I'm in Petaluma. Offer: Bed and mattress (Eastside Petaluma) - Good condition
Offer: Office chair (Eastside Petaluma) - Decent condition
Offer: Desk (Eastside Petaluma) - Older wooden desk
Offer: Age of Empires III (North West Petaluma) - Complete computer game. Pretty old. Good condition.
Request: Fitted bed sheets (NE Santa Rosa) - I'm making masks to donate, and elastic is in short supply everywhere. The sheets work great, as long as the elastic goes all the way around, and not just in the corners. Request: 2“ wide hair iron (Napa near Harvest Middle) - Hello, I need a working 2 inch wide hair straightener/iron. It’d be great if it had controllable heat adjustments but needs to be high temperature if not controllable. Thanks! Offer: Bags of Ice and Various Ice Packs (Chester Dr & Petaluma Hill Rd) - Hi I am seeking to downsize what's in my freezer in my garage. Back when we had PG&e outages I stocked up on large amounts of bagged ice and it's taking up too much room in my freezer. Because I'm putting my house on the market in May, I want to lighten the load in that freezer for moving it. I also have accumulated too many ice packs so they are up for grabs as well. Offer: PVC Carport Structure/Garden Shelte (Chester Dr & Petaluma Hill Rd) - Hi freecyclers, I'm needing to get this out of my backyard before I put my house on the market in late may. It used to be in my front semi circular driveway and covered with tarps for a carport. But I had a more permanent metal carport installed and I had the workers put this in my backyard. Before I realized it's time to sell my home, I was going to put shade cloth on top of this structure, and grow plants underneath it. To get this out is going to be a bit of work to disassemble it and put it back together at your place. But it's free so the price is right ;). Please call or text Cate at 707-480-3207 to pick this up. Keeping a social distance is easy with this too! I'll just show you how to get into my backyard to remove this.
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Offer: Dog door insert (Lurline Pl & Hacienda Dr) - White sliding glass door doggy door insert. 6 feet 6 inches tall, includes door blocker.
Offer: fortnight lily (Dietes iridioide) (san rafael/santa venetia) - bare root plants still damp. Great plant. Vertical sword-shaped leaves. blossoms looks like iris. Dear resistant. Uncomplicated no care plant often seen in median dividers.I have enough for a 15 foot long border. please state good times and day for pickup in your reply. Thanks! Offer: moving boxes (West Sebastopol) - 8 or so various sized open and with wrap with small ones inside too:) Request: Portable DVD player wanted (North Petaluma) - Looking for a portable DVD player with built-in screen. Preferably with the electrical adapter. I can really use one now. Much appreciated! Please call if you have one. Thanks. Martin 415 424 1458 Petaluma Request: 6 packs and 4 inch pots (Forest Knolls--west of Fairfax) - the In Spirit Plant Sale (raising money for home care for quadriplegics) needs pots for starting seedlings. We need deep 6 packs (the tiny 4 packs dry out too fast) and 4 inch plastic pots. We also need nursery flats. If you are in Marin I can arrange a pick up. Contact Amy Valens at 415 488 9244 Offer: 2 JL audio Car speakers (Downtown Novato) - Took these out of a car I used to have when I switched em out for my new ones. Just don't want to throw them away. TR650-CXi message for pictures 415-684-0041 Request: Kitchen cabinets (N.W. Santa Rosa) - I need upper and lower cabinets, countertop, sink, etc Because of the Coronavirus I am setting up a small kitchen. 8’ x 9’Thank you Request: Small Vanity& chair (Marysville & santa rosa) - Hi. I'm looking for decent small vanity & mirror or not and chair for a makeup area to do my makeup. I am in Marysville 2 weeks out of the month and santa rosa the other 2 so i can pick up anywhere between that stretch when i drive back and north. Thanks. Offer: Two 64 oz glass jars (Southern Marin) - Two large 64 oz glass jars that used to have coconut oil in them
Offer: Wild Alaskan Salmon oil (Southern Marin) - 1/3 bottle of Wild Alaskan salmon oil gelcaps
Offer: multiple bottles (Southern Marin) - dropper bottles, pump bottles, different shapes and sizes
Offer: bottles (Southern Marin) - Multiple sizes and shapes - one oz dropper bottles to 8 oz bottles
Offer: bottles with corks (Southern Marin) - Ten 8 oz bottles with corks, one smaller size