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Offer: Goody Detangler Brush (Harlem) - Brand new, Goody "Go Curl" Gentle Detangler Brush. I have two. Interested? Please reply to this email with a working telephone number, and a day and time you can pick it up. I am unable to meet you or mail the brush to you. Would love to get them out of my house at some point this weekend. Thanks.
Offer: Target Soap Pump Dispenser (Harlem) - White plastic frosted soap pump lends crisp, minimalist flair to your counter. Easy-to-use pump makes for smooth dispensing of liquid soap or lotion Simple, sleek design complements a wide variety of decor schemes and color palette Will need a good scrub. Interested? Please email me your first name, working telephone number and a day/time you can pick this up. I am unable to meet you or mail the item. I would love to get this out of my house at some point this weekend. Thanks.
Offer: Nerf Blaster, Darts & Accessories (Harlem) - I have the following Nerf products: - nerf delta trooper - accessories for the nerf delta trooper - nerf 20x flying darts (half-filled box) - nerf adventure force dart refill box (about 200) - nerf zombie strike (no idea how many darts) - nerf n-strike elite 30x dars (brand new box) Please come and take these things out of my house. My son was working on a project for school. They're in a big Target bag. Please note: I cannot mail these to you. I cannot meet you halfway or at your home. If you are interested in these items -- and please take them all -- you'll have to come to Harlem to get them. I would love to have these out of my house at some point this weekend. Interested? Please reply to this email with a working telephone number and a specific day/time you can pick them up. Thanks.
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Offer: Large windbreaker jackets (UWS (W. 84th & Amsterdam)) - I have a size L windbreaker jacket to give away. (Please see photos.) It’s well-worn but still wearable. Pick up at W. 84 & Amsterdam. Early mornings, late evenings, and Saturdays work best. I'll remove the posting when the item has been picked up.
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Offer: Men’s leather jacket (UWS (W. 84th & Amsterdam)) - I have a size medium men’s leather jacket to give away. (Please see photos.) It’s well-worm but in good condition. Pick up at W. 84 & Amsterdam. Early mornings, late evenings, and Saturdays work best. I'll remove the posting when the item has been picked up.
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Offer: box of nails, screws, washers etc (Midtown West) - Mixed box of new and used nails, screws hooks etc. Pick up today or tomorrow.
Offer: Countertop Dishwasher & Cart (Central Harlem) - I'm giving away this countertop dishwasher & cart. It still works, I just have a tiny apartment and would like the space back. Comes with quick-connect hose, and the remainder of dishwasher detergent and rinse that I have. There's a little crack in the corner of the door (3rd picture). (Pots, pans, and princess magnets not included.) Let me know if you're interested!
Request: Full size bed frame (Saddle Brook) - Looking for a fullsize bed frame/with headboard and end table. Offer: Cabinet hinges w/screws WaHi (Washington Heights) - Quality Imperial Brand cabinet hinges w/screws. Pickup in Washington Heights anytime this week or weekend.
Request: VHS tapes/vintage media (North Jersey) - Looking for any VHS/betamax/laserdisc/records/8 tracks you have that you'd like gone. Will take all. No DVDs, no cassette tapes. Will even take old magazines, video games, tube TV's, or toys. #vintage #retro Request: Turntable / record player / stereo (Bergen county) - Looking for a stereo with a turntable to play records on. I will pick up. Offer: Comforter (UWS (W. 84th & Amsterdam)) - I have a gently used gray comforter to give away. (Please see photos.) It’s clean and may be washed. It comes from a clean home. It’s about 88 x 88 inches in size. Pick up at W. 84 & Amsterdam. Early mornings, late evenings, and Saturdays work best. I'll remove the posting when the item have been picked up.
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Offer: Men's Suit Jacket - Aboud - Sz 40? (Midtown East 50's Manhattan) - Double breasted wool jacket from Joseph Aboud suit. Photo: Pickup in East 50's Manhattan near 1st Ave. (E, M, or 6 trains, then walk to 1st Ave) When I bought it, mid-late 90s? I was about 15 lbs heavier than I am now, figure 190 and 6 ft tall. I think I'm a 40 long suit. I wear 34/35 sleeve shirts. The photo show me in the jacket today at 175 lbs. It's in perfect condition, never wore it. How I do Freecycle. Usually, several requests for items come in, so I wait a bit before I start responding. Preference given to those who provide name and contact info, and an indication of why they want the item. Tell me your size or height and weight. If you haven't heard back from me, I've probably made arrangements with someone else. Pickup is easy from my building staff, 7 days, 8:00 am to 9:30 pm. Details when we both commit. PHOTO: Good luck! Lance
Offer: Car Charger (Android) (S. Ferry (NY)/Jersey City(NJ)) - Please see details here ( Offer: Wahl clipper accessories (UWS (W. 84th & Amsterdam)) - I have some Wahl brand clipper accessories (the ones shown in the first photo) to give away. The clipper itself is not included. Pick up at W. 84 & Amsterdam. Early mornings, late evenings, and Saturdays work best. I'll remove the posting when the item has been picked up.
Offer: Coaxial cables and splitters (UWS (W. 84th & Amsterdam)) - I have a few coaxial cables and a couple of splitters to give away. (Please see photos.) They're for connecting TV, etc. to Time Warner/Spectrum cable outlets. Pick up at W. 84 & Amsterdam. Early mornings, late evenings, and Saturdays work best. I'll remove the posting when the items have been picked up.
Offer: Cycling shoes, cleats/pedals (UWS (W. 84th & Amsterdam)) - I have a pair of Carnac cycling shoes (size 10-10.5) and Shimano clipless pedals and cleats to give away. (Please see photos.) Pick up at W. 84 & Amsterdam. Early mornings, late evenings, and Saturdays work best. I'll remove the posting when the item has been picked up.
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Offer: Post Xmas Things 10031 Hamilton (Hamilton Heights) - So what we have here are items that people did not pick up. (To the flaker; a pox of a thousand doggies relieving themselves on your car tires) I am looking for someone to take (most)EVERYTHING! Save for some things that are heavy or person specific you must be able to claim just about everything. No cherry-picking here; if you don’t like something tough tiddlywinks; just freecycle them. This ain’t Macy’s and there isn’t any return dept here. Don’t sit here and go through the bag to discard what you don’t like. Make sure YOU can sure you can carry all that is being gifted to you and be aware that I cannot help you. 1. A 2-3 pound bag of miscellaneous stickers. Let your kids sticker each other silly. 2. Kiddy fan that lights up when you turn the fan on. Cute. Candy filled. 3. Michaelangelo snuggle stuffed doll from Avon in gold. Still new in a raggedy bag. However he is still depressed from being away from his turtle bro’s or some kid to hug him. We have him on antidepressants. 4.Pink/Black brand new socks with glitter hearts and individual pink toes. With these socks your kid will be funky fresh for Valentines Day. Or even after Heart Day. (Tender sob) pink slippers from Avon, new. Size 7 or thereabouts.(new) 6. Hush Puppies shoes- brand new, Mushroom (color), size 8 I think but these run extremely small so a 6.5 or size 6. I’m a size 7 and the shoes couldn’t even even say Hello!! to my toes or get past my ankles. 7.Books-container gardening,Brady Paramedic book (so’s youse could c if you wanna be a parameduck), several cookbooks, doggy care, etc. if there are some books in there that your not interested in just recycle them . There are all in great shape, so take ‘em, they’re yours. REALLY, you hafta take ‘em. 8.- Family Circle, Essence, HGTV, Elle, all kinds of mags here. Bathroom reading at its best. 9. Battery operated key board vacuum cleaner. Yes, veddy nice but the brush attachment is missing. 10.Cucumber Melon bath gel and I’ll even through in the same scent in the Bubble Bath. 11.Bella Cucina slow cooker with digital feature programming but I dropped the pot part of the set soooooo sorry? Maybe somebody else has a extra pot. 12. Ded watches. But the watches are veddy nice so your choice of 5 or so. 13.“Pedal to the Metal” earring and necklace set (in gold)from Avon, brand new, never worn. The following items can be given to a separate individual since not everybody needs a corded printer or landline. 14. 5 handset digital phone system - these aren’t new but they were used for a very short period of time and 2 of the handsets were never used. Digital answering, phone number recall, call waiting, speaker feature, etc. 15.Corded Printer from HP- ink is a little pricey but your prints/pics will be fab. I think the model number is 5610 butt I’m not sure so I’ll look it up and make a correction if needed. 16. Your choice of good sweet or earthy body sprays. Don’t ask for all of them; that’s just greedy. There are at least 30 bottles here. There is probably more but my brain is demanding food so off I go to the kitchen. If you have any questions just ask. Ok, I’m back. Kitty stew was just delish. Oh don’t worry; I left kitty with a crutch. 17.Ikea Mirrors- tiny mirrors with wider wooden frames- we’ve all seen them before. This is my 3rd set and I’m tired of juzzing them up. YOU juzz them up. Glitter dome them, with one set I just painted the frame a different color . A set of 4. Check out hydro painting on Utube, it’s the coolest way to customize paint anything. 18. Summer cotton/gauze pants in large. 19. String art? If nobody takes this thIng I’m gonna stick it on the bottom of my mop. PLEASE & THANK YOU means a lot; not “ where you at I can come right now” or “I want it” You want what and which one? And where are your manners? We will pick a time that is good for both of us- not just you. People - bring BAGS! I no longer give out my treasured recycled bags cuz ya’ll never send them back. Bring help-cuz I can’t help you and don’t ask my neighbors for help like one freecycler did. They are not your private concierge. They’re mine. If you wear them out what am I supposed do? So bring BeBe’s kids, a horse, rent some muscle for a day,just don’t expect me to be cheep labor. I am 4 blocks from the 145th St. #1 train station. I am on the 5th floor but there are only 4 flights. Again I'm looking for someone to take everything except #’s 14 & 15+ unless of course if you want those too. PLEASE & THANK YOU. Oh yeah the pic of one of my cats trying to Mack a black velour blanket I just found in here. You can have that too if you want. My cat was just gonna break the blankets heart anyway. Don’t give me your phone number; I Don’t call folks. Never. Ever. Please & Thank You.
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Offer: Syrup & Cereal & ? 10031 (Hamilton Heights) - How do. I have a box of Trader Joe’s Neapolitan cold cereal. I had 1 1/2 bowls of this cereal before I realized that I don’t like it. I’m crushed; a lot of us remember the square chocolate ,vanilla and strawberry ice cream sandwiched between 2 waffles from Woolworths; the creator of the original 99c sale days. OMG how old am I ?(I asked my cat while sobbing into his fur. He paw-slapped me back to reality) No matter; I will get chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cereal and mix them myself. And then I will put some chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream in the middle of the cereal. Don’t knock it till you try it. They have chocolate and peanut butter cereal and it is my first food love. The next offer are bottles of syrup from Torani; Lemon, Lime, Mango, Pineapple and Guava. They are all unopened and full except for the Lemon. I didn’t like the Lemon and I will just keep the Cupcake, Coconut , ButterScotch, etc. Maybe you want the EggNog even though there’s a teeny, tiny amount left? So come and get these food offers. As always be Polite in your requests. I will delete those who aren’t. I say this in every single post but folks still act like they weren’t taught manners growing up. No matter; those who don’t will be deleted. Bring a bag. I will probably be adding s few more food items and if I do I will amend this post. I am 4 blocks from the 145th st. #1 local train stop. I am on the 5th floor of a walk up but there are only 4 flights so be able to climb them by yourself without bothering my neighbors.( another freecycler asked 2 neighbors of mine to bring at least 25 + pounds of items down to her. Don’t be her) We will choose a day/time that is good for BOTH of us and not just you. I don’t call folks. EVER. PLEASE & THANK YOU. Offer: new yorker magazines (upper east side 10128) - stack of NewYorker magazines Request: Yarn (elmwood park) - The size any color no size too small Offer: Arts and crafts (Wood-Ridge) - I have a bag of arts and crafts. Ribbons etc. Offer: crutches brand new unused (midtown east) - They were given to me -5’4” tall - after knee surgery. I did not need them! Request: Bosu ball (New york city - any 5 boroughs) - Looking for one to have my own. Heard it's great for core muscles Offer: Laser printer (Upper East side) - It only prints one page at a time even though you can set it up to print more than one copy or page ranges. This was given to me so no box or manual came with it. Request: Ipod shuffle (Astoria and Manhattan) - Any color in working condition. I love these little devices but they don’t sell them anymore Request: Womens jeans, tee shirts, blouses (Manhattan) - Single mom in shelter seeks Womens jeans sizes 30, medium, or 9/10 Womens tee shirts size medium, blouses same Request: Tablet, laptop, notebook (Manhattan) - Single mom in shelter dedperately needs one of these items ! Will travel ANYWHERE to pick it up........ Request: Designer handbag ( any age/ shape) (Manhattan) - Im single, unemployed, in a shelter. My daughter wants a designer bag for her 18th birthday. If you have one, ill come ANYWHERE to get it.....
Offer: Android Car Charger (S. Ferry (NY)/Jersey City(NJ)) - Black Android Car Charger