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Offer: makings foe a teepee (Orlando/Williamsburg) - 5 ft homemade teepee. You can have all the sticks you want. This Grandma cut down the tree. Unfortunately, i have to keep the blanket, but I have enough sticks to make 2 more.
Offer: Keurig My K-cup (Orlando near UCF) - New, never used. Sadly desnt fit a Keurig Latte machine. Porch picl-up
Offer: Aave plant (Orlando near UCF) - This is a shoot off of a huge agave plant. Anyone want it? Porch pick-up.
Request: Any kind of paint. For indoor outdo (Dunnellon) - Any color really. I'm slowly fixing a trailer, but I'm poor as heck and mostly make due with donations and recycled materials. So anthing ia good Request: Broom and mop handles (Orange City) - I'm looking for unwanted plastic and wood broom and mop handles for my project. Please no metal as they will deteriate my project. I'm trying to gather at least 18.Bit ig you only have a few, I would greatly appreciate them. Request: Broom and/mop handles (Orange City) - I am looking for unwanted plastic or wood broom and mop handles for a project. No metal please as it will deteriate my project. I'm trying to obtain approximately 18 but if you have a few I'd be more than happy to take them. Offer: Empty cans (NW Gainesville) - Recycling pick up is at 7am 3/26. About twenty cases of empty cans. The product was old. I promise I didn’t drink it. They are on the road. Take then tonight if you want them. Offer: Bristol finish catalyst part b (Englewood) - 3 oz left Request: Refrigerator (Bear Lake Area) - Our frig went down and we can not afford another one. Need one ASAP Offer: Classical music CDs (near Marineland) - Classical Music CDs, about 100. All in good shape and in cases. Offer: Boba Wrap (Hawthorne) - I have a Boba Wrap in black that I'm giving away. No stains or blemishes! Offer: Medical foort boot, crutches, life (Near Drive-In on S Pine Ocala) - Medical foot boot, life jackets in adult size, pair of crutches.
Offer: 2 large snake or reptile tanks. (Winter Springs, near Oviedo) - 100+ gal. former aquariums. cannot be resealed to hold water. need to be washed. Request: Cast iron bathtub (Hawthorne) - I'm looking for a cast iron bathtub in any condition!
Request: Computers and/or parts (Palm Coast) - I build computers for charities Request: Sheds, washer, dryer (Oak hill fl) - I am with an organization called recovery church in Oak hill fl. We have a little RV park like scenario with multiple rvs where people can live around like minded christians that are working together in remaining in recovery while reaching out to those who are hurting in the community. Satan has infiltrated our once small fishing town where everybody knows everybody and we all consider one another family. Many people here have become drug addicted and homeless living in the woods. We are in need of three sheds. A small one, a medium sized one, and one large one. The small one will be used to make a little laundry room for the less fortunate in the community to come and use.the medium sized one will be retrofitted with two shower enclosures (male and female) this one will also be setup for use by the less fortunate in the community. the third larger shed will be used to store various supplies used in our ministry including extra storage for the food Bank ministry thats already been started. we are praying for continued growth with this ministry. We are also in need of a washer and dryer for the first shed to be set up. We will accept any shed you are willing to donate even if it needs a little TLC and repaired. We are also asking for prayers from all the prayer warriors out there. The power of prayer is crucial for Gods will to be carried out effectively and efficiently through us. Thank you very much for all these things and I hope you have an amazingly blessed day. Offer: Kid's Bike (Hawthorne) - The back tire has come off a little bit and should be replaced but otherwise it's in good condition.
Request: Tent for homeless couple and dog (Southside University Blvd) - Large Offer: Wall Unit (620 Archibald Av Altamonte Spr) - 6’ tall wall unit. Not real wood.
Offer: Dresser (Near Drive-In on S Pine Ocala) - Fair condition, brown
Request: clean empty gallon water jug (Moss Bluff/Ocala Nat. forest) - Wanted clean empty gallon water jugs to hold goat milk. Located in Moss Bluff but can pick up in Ocala Request: Library Card Catalog Cabinet (Hawthorne) - I'm looking for a library card catalog cabinet or something similar. It doesn't matter the condition, size, weight, material, or color. Even if it's heavy I can come get it. It could be pretty much anything with a lot of small drawers, I'm just trying to find something to use as an apothecary cabinet. If it's an actual apothecary cabinet that's great!
Offer: LEGO table (Winter Garden) - blue
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Offer: Recliner (Winter Garden) - Brown
Request: soil, compost, and more (Mayport) - Starting a community garden and hoping a few people might have some soil, compost, wood chips, lumber for raised beds, plants, etc. Just wanting to help my small community curb the cost of fruits and vegetables. Thank you everyone! Request: 3 shelves (SW 27th Ave.) - Hi. I am hoping someone will think of me if they have a 3 shelve bookshelves or like a office desk with one or two shelves. Or something like a TV stand with shelves, not too big.Thank you, I live in Ocala. Request: Hearing aids (Palm Coast) - In need of hearing aids. Any condition working or not working. Will be refurbished and given to people in need. Thank you! Request: shovels and pitch forks (SW Ocala) - Need used shovels and pitchforks in good condition for a project for my garden. Request: Garden hose (Lady Lake) - Ok if it has leaks Request: Furby (Casselberry) - I need a furby for my sisters birthday on march 27th. I will be taking it apart and making it long so if you want it to stay in perfect condition, dont donate it to me please! Classic furby preferred but any will be accepted.