Seattle- Capitol Hill, First Hill, Downtown

Offers  and  Requests
Free: rubber stamps (Wallingford) - large bag of rubber stamps--too many to photograph. Take all. Please commit to a pickup time in your response Free: PVC and ABS pipe (Wallingford) - 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" PVC. Lengths range from 1' to 6'. Quite a bit of it. Dirty; was used to gauge sand depth for patio. ABS is 2", lengths about 5'. Also dirty, but never used for drainage. Used as tool holders under deck. Free: Plumbing stuff (Wallingford) Promised - A lot of copper fillings, mostly 1/2". Ells, tees close nipples strapping short pieces. A lot of plastic washed for drain assemblies Please tell me when you can pick up. If no response, I move on to the next person. Thanks Watch this space! Cleaning out the back shelves! Electrical, other to follow. Handyman's dream!
Photo of free Plumbing stuff (Wallingford)
Request: Twin mattress (North Seattle (maple Leaf)) - Please very clean condition only. This is for the Mapke Leaf Foundation; we house families who have kids going through cancer treatment at Seattle Children’s. Request: rain barrel (Bitterlake Seattle) - As long as it's in good repair, already has spigot. Free: Flip chart pad (Green Lake) Promised - Approx 24" x 36, 40-50 sheets (pad nearly full). Porch pickup. Please reply with a day you can pick it up. Free: 4 Quart sauce pan (Kirkland, WA) - This sauce pan is clean, and in perfect condition. (I just needed a bigger pot.)
Photo of free 4 Quart sauce pan (Kirkland, WA)
Photo of free 4 Quart sauce pan (Kirkland, WA)
Photo of free 4 Quart sauce pan (Kirkland, WA)
Free: Furnace filter 20x25in (Bryant) - New unused Filtrete HEPA furnace filter, 20x25 inches. Has a bluetooth receiver to track how long it has been in the furnace. Filtrete app is free. I bought this by accident, it's the wrong size for our furnace.
Photo of free Furnace filter 20x25in (Bryant)
Free: Cube shelf (Shoreline) - Some slight damage but solid shape overall. Please give a day and time for a no contact pickup in shoreline near Costco.
Photo of free Cube shelf (Shoreline)
Free: file cabinet-4 drawers (Fremont) - 4 drawers, tan, locking file cabinet. Located in storage unit in Fremont.
Photo of free file cabinet-4 drawers (Fremont)
Photo of free file cabinet-4 drawers (Fremont)
Photo of free file cabinet-4 drawers (Fremont)
Free: womens shoes size 8, cloths, more (Magnolia) - There's a bag of nordstrom clothes, multiple pairs of women's size 8 shoes that are very nice, a legend of zelda wallet, and a small container for screws and other tools sitting on Thorndyke and Newton. Please take them! Request: Poster / Trifold Board Supplies (Central District) - I'm a teacher in White Center, and we are doing a big science poster presentation. We have need of things to decorate / add to the board, if you have any you are not using, it would be really helpful * Construction paper * Poster Paints * Borders * Glue Sticks or Regular Glue Free: Kids’ cold packs (Lake City/Meadowbrook) - 3x cute cold packs: put them in the freezer & use for bruises, scrapes, & boo-boos on your little one. (Please give me a day & time you can pick up.)
Photo of free Kids’ cold packs (Lake City/Meadowbrook)
Free: 12 Fancy Pipe Cleaners (Capitol Hill) - 3 of them were bent in a project but are still usable. They are longer than normal sized ones. Coordinated pickup.
Photo of free 12 Fancy Pipe Cleaners (Capitol Hill)
Free: Four glass jugs, various sizes (North Greenwood) - Four glass jugs: Three that are probably half-gallon or 2-liter: 1 with cap, 1 is a non-returnable Rachel's Ginger Beer jug. One that is larger and has a cap. It doesn't seem large enough to be 2 gallon, but volume is a tricky thing to gauge. Free: Airtight Cannisters (Upper Queen Anne) Promised - 5 cannisters - 4 plastic, 1 glass. Range in volume from 1.5 gal to probably .5 gallon. Preference given to someone who can take all 5. Easy, covered porch pick up.
Photo of free Airtight Cannisters (Upper Queen Anne)
Free: Vintage desk/computer/printer table (Wedgwood) - Give: Vintage desk/computer/printer table All metal with faux wood top Dimensions W – 23” x L - 48” x H – 29”
Photo of free Vintage desk/computer/printer table (Wedgwood)
Free: Dinosaur airpod pro case (Cap Hill/CD) - Cute dinosaur case for your airpod pros. Recently cleaned and disinfected. 18th & Pine St
Photo of free Dinosaur airpod pro case (Cap Hill/CD)
Free: Vintage accountants worksheet pad (Fremont) - 16x11 Outside cover is stained, but inside is in mint condition.
Photo of free Vintage accountants worksheet pad (Fremont)
Photo of free Vintage accountants worksheet pad (Fremont)
Free: Boxes and packing materials (Downtown Bellevue) - 16 x 12 x 21 inch box and 18 x 18 x 18 box filled with packing material, useful for moving or shipping fragile items A number of other collapsed cardboard boxes around the same size available as well if you're looking for extras for a move
Photo of free Boxes and packing materials (Downtown Bellevue)
Photo of free Boxes and packing materials (Downtown Bellevue)
Free: Metal Blinds (Maple Leaf Seattle) - These are old window treatments that were left behind in our house, so I did not purchase or use directly, but they all appear to be in decent to good condition. Best guess to lengths is 60 inches, not totally sure. Metal and plastic blinds sets with mounting hardware: 45" metal blinds (3 each) Help me give these perfectly nice blinds a new life and save them from the dump! Easy porch pickup
Photo of free Metal Blinds (Maple Leaf Seattle)
Request: Gift of the crow book (North Seattle) - Looking for a copy
Photo of Gift of the crow book (North Seattle)
Free: Table, 4 chairs and vases (Pinehurst neighborhood) - Good condition but need to be cleaned. They are from a damp garage and have some mildew on them. There’s a table. The 4 chairs are the tall kind.
Photo of free Table, 4 chairs and vases (Pinehurst neighborhood)
Free: Laptop bag (Queen Anne) - The handles are a little tattered but the bag itself is in excellent shape.
Photo of free Laptop bag (Queen Anne)
Photo of free Laptop bag (Queen Anne)
Photo of free Laptop bag (Queen Anne)
Free: Mesh bags (Queen Anne) - Any able to use this mesh for any purpose? All are bags except the green ones, which are open end sleeves.
Photo of free Mesh bags (Queen Anne)
Request: May I have your Mahjong game (Cap Hill) - Hoping to learn Mahjong, but have had a hard time finding a set. Have one you don’t need that could go to a great forever home? Message me! Request: White propane tank (Greenwood) - Hello I am looking for a propane tank I can refill the white tanks that isn’t expired thank you Free: Kasala leather chair (Loyal Heights) - Chair is in good condition but leather of seat is very scuffed up - needs either covering or replacing
Photo of free Kasala leather chair (Loyal Heights)
Free: Coffee maker (West Seattle) Promised - Black 5 cup coffee maker. Used it once! Works fine.
Photo of free Coffee maker (West Seattle)
Free: Keurig coffee maker (West Seattle) Promised - Model B40
Photo of free Keurig coffee maker (West Seattle)