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Request: Men's Bike, 26" or so. (North Petaluma) - I really need a bike that's ready to roll and in decent enough shape. Racer type or mountain bike. Maybe you have one taking up room in your garage. If so, please let me know. Thank you! Martin Request: Portable DVD player wanted (North Petaluma) - Should have built-in screen and preferably with the electrical adapter. I can really use one now. Much appreciated! Martin Offer: Solid wood bookcase (Loma Verde area of Novato) - Stained wood (maple?) 2 adjustable shelves (in the photo on is propped against the side). Needs pegs forthe second shelf. Scuffed up but otherwise in good condition. 30"w x 13"d x 33"h
Request: Moving boxes, paper and bubble wrap (Chester Dr & Petaluma Hill Rd) - Hi everyone, I'm in need of any medium to small boxes for moving althougheven a few larger ones are ok too I just can't lift really heavy ones though. Request: White shoes (North) - If anyone has any white shoes - without a whole lot of extra color - that are in pretty okay condition, please let me know! I’m looking for some to experiment with painting on. Request: Old watches (North) - If anyone has any old/vintage watches, I’m looking to start experimenting with cleaning up and reselling a few, it would be nice to get a few to try and work with at my starting point! Offer: 2 cat shelves (Loma Verde area of Novato) - 2 cat shelves and metal mounts.You'll need some molybolts from the hardware store. Had some double sided tape on the shelves so you might need some GooGone but otherwise in really good shape.
Offer: Wooden crutches (Loma Verde area of Novato) - In pretty good shape. Solid wood with rubber feet and pads.Thepads are a bit old and cracked.
Offer: Metal folding ironing board (Loma Verde area of Novato) - It's green. It's metal.It's an ironing board. I'mnot sure what else to say.
Offer: Cuisinart toaster (Loma Verde area of Novato) - It needs some cleaning but I believe it works.It's big, about a foot wide. You can definitely fit a sliced bagel into the slots. It's a cool toaster fit for all your toasting needs.
Offer: movong boxes (West Sebastopol) - 8 med sized already assembled w wrap Offer: Tall shelving unit (Loma Verde area of Novato) - 48"w x 72"h x 19.5"d Wood laminate. In good shape. The shelves detach from the lower cabinet for easy moving It's a good looking unit
Offer: Mirror 69 x34.5 (Sebastopol) - Polished edge, includes mounting brackets & brass rail for the bottom. Offer: LCD Computer monitor (Novato) - I have an viewsonic VA912b LCD 19" computer monitor to give away Offer: Queen Size Foam Bed Topper (Novato) - Queen sized foam bed topper. Could be cut for a smaller bed. Offer: Wicker laundry basket (Novato) - Wicker laundry basket Request: 2-drawer File Cabinet wanted (North Petaluma) - Looking for metal or wood 2-drawer file cabinet in decent condition. Standard size, nothing flat or huge or super heavy. Standard size File Folders would be great if included! Thank you! Martin Please call me at 415 424 1458 I'm in Petaluma. Offer: Firewood bin (Loma Verde area of Novato) - Metal firewood carrier. Sturdy. Used. Gets the job done.
Offer: Wood book case (Loma Verde area of Novato) - I haveno idea as to the type of wood. 3 adjustable shelves. 36"w x 12"d x 48"h
Offer: Desk lamp (Loma Verde area of Novato) - Works, in good condition. Adjustable goose neck. Metal!
Offer: Mirror (Loma Verde area of Novato) - It was meant to be part of a dresser, so it has a couple of wooden feet. Actually works well on the ground propped up against the wall. Wood frame (maple?) 28" x 45 "
Offer: Shop vac + attachments (Loma Verde area of Novato) - It's old. It's dirty. It works! Perfect for cleaning up around you workshop, art studio, basement, anywhere you need heavy-duty cleaning.
Offer: Small mounted figures. (West Petaluma) - About 8" high. Unsure of origin/nationality.
Offer: Switch plates, outlet covers (West Petaluma) - Box of assorted plates and covers, some Bakelite from the 1930s, some plastic, some oak.
Offer: Large potted Jade plant. (Loma Verde area of Novato) - About 3 feet tall. 12 "pot. Heavy.
Offer: queen size Simmons mattress (Novato) - Simmons queen size mattress. Been rarely used as its in a guest room where nobody sleeps! It’s firm. You haul. Offer: Horseshoe with nails (West Petaluma) - If you've got a horse and three more shoes . . . .
Offer: Hellifino (West Petaluma) - Attractive yet completely puzzling contraption. Jointed, wooden assemblage with several moving parts, absolutely no idea what it is. Maybe something for a woodworker? Or perhaps just kindling? If you want it, great. If you can tell me what it is, even better!
Offer: Terrarium (Bel Marin Keys, Novato) - Clear glass 30"W x 13"H x 12"D
Request: Crock pot (Windsor) - Help! My crock pot cracked and I need a new one. Anyone have one up for grabs?