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Offer: Sofa (West Carrollton) - Free Broyhill sofa in good shape Bug free home Smoke free home
Photo of free Sofa (West Carrollton)
Offer: Queen Size Bed (Lafayette Indiana) - Good condition . Needs shampooed
Photo of free Queen Size Bed (Lafayette Indiana)
Request: Mobility scooter (Dayton) - Any kind Offer: epson printer (Old North Dayton) - Used printer in excellent condition. EPSON Artisan 800 with Duplexer. In original boxes with all original paper work and software CD. Latest Software and drivers can be downloaded from EPSON's website. Request: Exercise bike (West Carrollton) - Looking for an exercise bike…..electric or Manuel type. Offer: Older National Geographic Magazines (Old Milford) - I can double check if needed, but I think I have probably 20-30? 1970’s & 1980’s maybe 90’s? I just want to see if anyone here wants them or if I’m better off getting rid of them somewhere else. Request: Electric stove (Terre Haute) - I’m need of electric stove o Request: Desk (North terrehaute) - In need of small or medium desk to study. Please and thank you. Request: various items (Bloomington, west side) - Laptop,Sagely CBD cream(I use it on my legs)
Photo of various items (Bloomington, west side)
Request: Furniture (Bloomington, west side) - Looking for a desk chair. Thank You Request: Working minifridge (Fairfield) - Good condition Request: Men's bike (Fairfield) - Sturdy Offer: cinder blocks (Five Oaks Dayton) - Still about 45 available...
Photo of free cinder blocks (Five Oaks Dayton)
Request: Old computers and electronics (Louisville) - Don't pay the city to dispose of them. I'll gladly pick them up. Thank you. Offer: Dishwasher (By Hamilton Ave and kemper rd) - White kenmore dishwasher in decent working condition. I purchased a new one and don’t have the use for this one anymore so I just want it to go to someone who needs it
Photo of free Dishwasher (By Hamilton Ave and kemper rd)
Photo of free Dishwasher (By Hamilton Ave and kemper rd)
Request: Bird Cage (Columbus) - Looking for a bird cage for 5 birds!! Request: Kids Clothes (Columbus) - In need of boys clothes 24M and up In need of girls 6x and up Willing to pickup if not too far! Request: Microwave (Erlanger, KY) - Does anyone happen to have a microwave in working condition? Mine crapped out on me today! Can pick up! Thanks Request: Move in inquiry (Upper west side) - Just moved into ATX and in search of items for new apartment. Any support would be appreciated. Items: Pull out bed couch/sectional, Bar stools/windsor chairs, TV,Command strips, Paper towels/plates/napkins, toilet paper, bed frame (queen size), hangers, pillows, mini vacuum Request: Doors (West bloomington) - Hi. I'm looking for two doors for a project. They must be 32" wide or greater. Hinges and handles and frames also accepted. Offer: Display stand (Pleasant Ridge)
Photo of free Display stand (Pleasant Ridge)
Request: In bad need of bed (North terrehaute) - Having back sergury soon sleeping on floor matress and buying Xmas presents already. I am in need of a bed if avail thank you. Request: Shower chair (East Hillside Drive near High) - For sitting in the shower Offer: Leftover garage sale goodies (Avon) - There's a small desk, a stroller, lamp, clothing, glassware, little Nook Village, Etc
Photo of free Leftover garage sale goodies (Avon)
Photo of free Leftover garage sale goodies (Avon)
Offer: Beds, dresser, desk (South of Brazil) - Full and twin sized mattresses and box springs. Computer desk and dressers. Offer: Aluminum cans (South of Lebanon) - Free aluminum cans possibly two or three pickup truck loads Request: various items (Bloomington, west side) - Sagely CBD cream(I use it on my legs)
Photo of various items (Bloomington, west side)
Request: Washer (Kettering, OH) - Requesting a working washer. Mine just quit after using for only three months. Thank you so much Offer: Microwave (Sharonville) Promised - GE microwave. It's been in storage for the past 4 years, so I can't say how well it works. It does turn on and functions, but I haven't tried to heat food. Pick up in Sharonville.
Photo of free Microwave (Sharonville)
Offer: Washing machine for sctap (South east side) - No. Working washt