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Request: Flexible downspout for gutter (Prince/Tucson Blvd) - We need a flexible downspout (approximately 15’-20’) for our gutter to help finish our water reclamation system for our garden.
Offer: Maytag Stove/Microwave w/Vent (Skyline & Swan /Foothills) - For Free! Fully functional electric stove and microwave with built in overhead vent. Maytag Almond/Cream/Off White 2004 Works fine! Standard sized slide in Electric stove with extra large microwave. COME AND GET IT!! 619.339.2four3seven
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Request: Total Gym, home gym equipment (East side) - Color and size is unimportant, just need something in working condition. Anything that can get me started in to moving at home. Thank you for time and consideration! Request: URGENT Egg Incubator (Can pickup frm anywhere NOW) - URGENT Egg Incubator needed ASAP *****On-loan is even okay with us if you still need it for your eggs in the future. We have a clutch of very special eggs that we have been incubating and the machine just stopped working this afternoon. It is a fan or controller issue. No time to fix it right now. We’re currently trying other methods to keep them at the proper temperature but they still have about another week left before they’re going to hatch and we desperately need to find an incubator in any condition any size that would be able to be used for this purpose. *** And if necessary we would be more than happy to return it as soon as these little guys all hatch. So if you have one but you’re still planning to use it that would be fine with us as well. Thank you very very much in advance. We can pick up immediately from anywhere in the Tucson and surrounding areas. Thanks again. Stay healthy everyone. Request: a free treadmill (Tucson Arizona) - I'm looking to see if anyone has a free treadmill that works that they would like to get rid of. I will definitely make use of it as my treadmill of 17 years finally broke down after 17 beautiful years of running. It would help my depression, and I would be ever so grateful. I can pick up. Offer: 20 inch TV -straight up OG (Amphi/Tucson Mall) - 1995 CRT Magnavox TV with owner's manual. Last used 20 months ago prior to a friend giving me their old tv. Still worked then. Has always been kept indoors. Original owner.
Request: Window or movable ac unit (Tucson) - I am in need of a good ac unit before the heat really hits . I have medical conditions and my husband is the only one who is able to work . We have 4 children and are low income . If anyone could help we would very much appreciate it. Thanks God bless