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Request: Sick kitty 🙀 (South Valley) - I think my cat has a upper respiratory thing going on or just a simple cold either way I did my research on Google and found out ways to make him comfortable also found a over-the-counter medication that you can get for pets... Lysine is the medication so my question is has anybody experienced this with their calf? And has this medication been helpful? Also if it is does work does anybody have any extra they will part with thats still good? I know that I'm not a veterinarian and you can't believe everything you read on Google but I'm still asking so save the negative comments Request: Microwave (87121) - just working Offer: Plastic red apples (Carlisle and Comanche) - The size of lice apples but they're plastic. I think I have about 8 or 10. Perfect condition. Would be nice for an art teacher Offer: Wings for Life (Unm area) - Hello, awhile back I donated some items to a lady volunteering with Wings for Life. I can't find our archived messages on here, but if she sees this- I have one more box of misc clothing and items if you'd like it. Request: Stroller (Rio Rancho) - I am looking for a stroller. One wide enough to attach my bird cage to. I'd like to walk my birds safely but can not afford a per stroller. Thank you! Request: Non working vehicles (Albuquerque and surrounding) - Im looking for non working vehicles, im not a scrapper i would like a couple decent vehicles for my and my kids to work on together. I really appreciate your consideration. Request: Bookcases (NE Heights) - Young couple starting over, looking for 2-3 good condition (ie sturdy, won't fall apart when we move them) tall bookcases. Offer: Beverage ware (4 Hills Juan Tabo & Piru) - 2 beer flutes, 2 beer cones, 4 high ball glasses, 5 tall glasses, 1 plastic tumbler, 3 large capacity mugs @ lids Request: It's cold on the floor (Kathryn and San Mateo area) - Just moved in to an apartment and literally have a few blankets and pillows on the floor. I could use any and everything. The problem is I do not have a car either. I'm in an inconvenient situation and hope someone might be able to help. Offer: Queen/King. Metal Bed Frame (N.E.) - Queen size Bed Frame can also be a king size frame. Used good condition. Fcfs must pick up Request: Girl things (Albuquerque) - Recently I was robbed of my personal items such as blow dryer, curling iron and straightener. So ladys as you know it's a big thing to make sure we look presentable so im asking any of y'all if you have any extras please let me know. Thank you Request: Furniture needed (Coors and central) - I'm in need of a few items. I'm looking for a King bed and frame. I also need the bedding for it as well. I'm also looking for a couple book shelves a dresser and a desk. I don't have a way to pick up at the moment due to my truck breaking down. Offer: Quest caller ID (Paseo de Norte / Rainbow) - White..probably 2in X 3in with power cord. Request: Small Person Wheelchair (N.E.) - Good morning. Im in need of a small person wheelchair in good condition. I fell and broke my right ankle. Its in a cast. And badly sprained and bruised my left ankle. Cannot apply alot of pressure on either. Thank you amd have a blessed day!!! Offer: 2 Floor Cushions (River's Edge II) - Gently used. For those that have allergies, these have been around cats. I vacuumed them as much as possible.
Offer: Expired organic blue agave (Tramway Blvd/ Paseo) - I found two jugs of organic blue agave syrup... expired 10/31/2017. One is missing a cap (still sealed with the safety seal, though). I wouldn’t offer or recommend these for consumption (and I know agave is bad for hummingbirds so it shouldn’t be used for them!) but maybe someone has another use for the syrup?
Offer: Holmes true Hepa Replacement filter (87112) - New in box. F filter Offer: Air Filter (NE Heights) - Advanced Air Treatment System, model E-2526. Still functions BUT filters are no linger available
Offer: Black Leather Leash (Sunport) - Black Leash, I think its 5ft, I have sensory issues so I dont like the touch! I've tried it several times plus it's a bit to wide then what I like in a leash. Located near Gipson and Girard near Sunport! I would really like this to go to someone who needs a leash, will meet u at my apartment building there is a courtyard close to my apartment. Cant walk to parking lot yet, just got out of hospital. But making space for stuff I'm not going to use! I plan to do fair share policy, you must pick up between 10am - 7pm Thanks
Offer: Sheet Blankets & Small Pillow (Sunport) - 3 or 4 Sheet Blankets, like u get on an ambulance or in the ER, to many times in the hospital this summer and I want someone who can use them and a cute little/small decorative pillow. Must pick up between 10am-7pm and meet me in the courtyard of my apartment, trying to build strength from getting out of hospital. But dont have the extra space or energy parking lot. Must pick up, prefer someone who really needs these items and believes in paying it forward, when things improve! Located near Girard and Gipson near Sunport! Thank u, I will give this a fair sharing post! Request: Tmobile phone (South Valley) - My phone recently broke and will not turn on 😭 it was a Samsung j7 pure... I am currently unemployed, so I need access to a phone in case an employer calls to set up a interview. Also, to apply for more job opportunities. I do not have a computer my phone was all I got. This is all true, and when i get a job i am going to give back. Thanks in advance!!! Request: Tmobile smartphone (South Valley) - My phone recently broke and will not turn on 😭 it was a Samsung j7 pure... I am currently unemployed, so I need access to a phone in case an employer calls to set up a interview. Also, to apply for more job opportunities. I do not have a computer my phone was all I got. I sound desperate but this is all true, and when i get a job i am going to give back. Thanks in advance!!! Request: Toddler play equipment (Unser/McMahon) - Anyone wanting to get rid of old toddler play equipment like playhouses, slides, picnic tables etc. are they faded or broken? That’s ok! I need some to use for my Halloween decorations. Request: Free food (North Valley) - Just needing a few groceries for my14 year old son and I. We just need enough to last a few days until my food assstance comes in. We don't have a vehicle to pick up so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Request: Washer, electric dryer (North Valley) - I'm a single parent raising a 14 year old with autism. I haven't been able to go back to work because I have been dealing with difficult behavior. I'm currently seeking help. Anyway, we can't really afford to buy a washer and dryer at this time. We also do not have any type of transportation so Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Offer: Cream colored Leather Couch (55fwy and 405 next to South Co) - 2 pieces, 4 seat and2 seat. Originally $3,500. Now just want picked up. Already refurnished. 714-323-1445
Request: Toaster (wyoming and lomas) - Hello. My son keeps asking me why we don't have a toaster. Is there anyone with a toaster. We also currently don't have a vehicle. Thank you and God bless Request: Raspberry plants (high resort) - If anyone could spare any, thanks Request: Swing set (12th & Menaul) - I was hoping someone was ready to get rid of an old but still functional, and safe, swing set for kids ages 18months-14 yrs to play on. We finally got a home with a yard & I'm trying to make just a dirt filled backyard into a little bit of an adventure for my children. I don't mind picking it up and disassembling it myself, I'm pretty handy when I need to be, and would love to see my children enjoy playing the good old-fashioned way, without a screen of some sort! Have a beautiful day everyone! Request: Philips Sonicare Diamond (Tramway Blvd/ Paseo) - If you have a broken or unused functional Philips Sonicare Diamond or model 6000+ toothbrush laying around, my husband would love to have it for parts to repair his broken toothbrush. Thank you!!