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Offer: Dinosaur Costume 6–6x - Plush dinosaur costume size 6-6x. Fits a 5-6 year-old. Mtn View near Central Expwy and Rengstorff Offer: infiniti 2007+ Air filter (Los Altos El Monte&Cuesta) - Fits 2007 and newer M35 M37 Q70 Q70L
Offer: Microsoft FrontPage 2002 & 2003 - 2 CDs FrontPage 2002, 2003. excellent condition -- like new. pick up near las palmas pk snvle. Offer: Kirkland Coconut Oil South Palo Alto - Large jar of Kirkland Organic Coconut Oil, 84oz. has been opened, most of jar remains. I cannot use it, hoping someone can put to good use. I purchased this in June of last year. Email if interested and please say when you will pick up. MUST be before Friday. Thank you, sharry Offer: Girl's clothes - Bag of size 8 girl's cclothes, excellent cond. Near Kennedy H.S Offer: Large bag and some boxes of gift wrapping materials - 95014 (Montebello Rd. area) - I have a large bag and some boxes of gift wrap, gift bags, bows, ribbons, filler, etc. Must take all. I live in the hills, so you'll need to drive up here to get it. Request: Small SUV Cover (Cupertino) - Looking for a car cover to fit my 93 Jeep Cherokee XJ. My Jeep was vandalized twice in Cupertino, almost all the windows were broken. I started cleaning up the glass and searching junk yards for replacement glass, but I need a cover in the meantime to protect it from further vandalism and the elements. Have a spare cover in your garage? Many thanks, Tracey Offer: doing a purge here's round 1 - there's a catch i need it picked up on wednesday the 16th ( or tonight tuesday the 15th till 9 pm ) brought a bunch of stuff out to sort thru ( and didn't coz my mom passed away and i didn't feel like it ) and now we are having an apt inspection on thursday so i will be listing items periodically so i don't just have to shove it back. . i may not get back to you right away like i said i'm sorting i did list a few items a week or 2 ago but had some computer issues ( don’t know if anyone responded that time around ) and am now back on line. working nutribullet 3 circulon non stick pans, 2 used frying pans still in good condition. and a larger deeper one with helper handle that is unused. tinfoil electric coil burner liners ( i think there is about 25 of each of 2 sizes they are new and compactly packaged. new package of adhesvie fun foam sheets for kids crafts new package of 6 ( i think ) bamboo washcloths, nice and soft rimmed in pink. would be a good gift for expectant mother of a girl new package of 3 moleskine ruled journals ( the small pocket size ) new in box vicks steam gizmo for helping breath when congested. never used it's about that time of year someone should be able to use it new in package clear vinal and black trim/straps bag to hold dvd's for storage new adult coloring pad ( large ) fancy animal designs. new roll ( still sealed ) of black, red, white and silver xmas wrap and a new bag of bows to match please state items you want. please tell me day of pick up and if at all possible a 2 hour window of when you will be here. anything still here thursday morning gets junked or donated. i will not call you, and i can not leave things outside the apt. first post hopefully there will be another later. will check for messages probably around 5 or so off wolfe near el camino Request: Mini Fridge (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Hi, Looking for a mini fridge in working condition. Thanks Request: [Cupertino Free] Offer: Exercise Ball (Cupertino) - 22 inch circumference spherical ball, tan color. Exercise Ball Offer: wooden seat back - This was a replacement seat back of a rocking chair we no longer have. If anyone can use it, please take it. [cid:EB18BA73-5203-4151-8718-055BD76633F8-L0-001] JP Request: Wood panels (Fremont and Mary) - Looking for some large (not too heavy) wood panels, composite board, solid pallets, or dry wall panels. very used to slightly used acceptable. At least 6ft in one dimension. Trying to build some cubicle like walls. Offer: Xerox XC23 Stand Alone Copier 94087 - Hi There, We are looking for a non-profit or school that could use this copier. It works great, collates, etc. You will have to pick it up, move it and transport it. Expect up move it down ~5 steps. Probably need a box van or pickup truck with 2 people. Photos below. If they get removed, please email. Available for pick up weekdays from 10am-4pm. Approximate size: 45" tall40" wide24" deep Happy Freecycling!
Request: Matcha Powder (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Looking for Matcha powder Request: printer inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, cell phones - The PTA at the school sends in these items to be recycled and receives money. Looking for* printer inkjet cartridges * toner cartridges* old cell phones I can come to your home or business. You may leave them by the door or garage of your home. Please let me know your address.Thank you, Cathy Offer: 3 Cabinet doors (South Palo Alto) - 2 doors are painted white and could use some touch up, 14"x22" 1 unfinished door, still in it's packaging, 22"x22" 1 drawer front, painted white, 6"x28"
Request: Books (El Camino Real Ave, Sunnyvale) - Interested in any genre of books. Not interested in books that have: mold -water damage -torn pages -torn covers -missing pages I will gladly take all your books that meet the guidelines above. Thank you!
Offer: Women's Shoes (Mountain View, Grant/Cuesta) - Black Heels 9W Navy Blue Sling Black Heeled 9D Please indicate pickup time. Thanks Skip
Offer: Women's Shoes Blk & White Spats (Mountain View, Grant/Cuesta) - Black & White Spats 9 1/2 D Heels Like New Please indicate pickup time. Thanks Skip
Offer: Women's Beige Flat Shoes 8 1/2 WW (Mountain View, Grant/Cuesta) - Women's Beige Flat Shoes 8 1/2 WW Please indicate pickup time. Thanks Skip
Offer: Landscape rocks (small size) (Ponderosa Park) - A ton of small landscape rocks! See picture. Available immediately; just message me for address and let me know when you want to come by and pick them up!
Offer: magnets (future craft project?) - I have business card-sized magnets (2x3.5) that could be reused. They have some outdated info on them so our business is no longer using them. I was thinking they could be used for a craft project - you could glue a drawing or saying over the information. I did not count the number, but I would estimate there are approximately 80 magnets. Thanks for reusing.Annette, Barron Park, Palo Alto
Offer: various Household supplies - Offer: Roundup Teak oil Mortar mix Inverted spray paint for marking lines Multi purpose adhesive Near el Camino hospital
Offer: paint - Various cans of paint perhaps to be used for school play props? Near el Camino hospital
Offer: assorted classic board games - Big box. Includes things like Risk, Scrabble, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders. Some of these have the original classic style vintage boards, perfect for framing for wall art in a game room. Preference to first available pick up so please state your pick up time in your reply and if you really really really want these, consider letting that be known as well as why. Midtown, near Colorado/Louis. Offer: black synthetic wool sweater coat. - black synthetic wool sweater coat, machine washable. 2 front buttons & tie belt, homemade hood & pockets. flairs out at sides, length comes above knee, sleeves 3/4 length. one size fits most. pick up near las palmas pk, snvle. sweatercoat2 Offer: Sidewinder Water Ski 53 inch Custom fixed boot PICTURES - I am offering my custom made wooden water ski; fixed boot, 53# Sidewinder salmon ski. Excellent condition excellent ski. Many fun summers skiing on this fabulous ski. It is similar to Mararajah, but made by Sidewinder. Customer fit cover included. No dings at all, pristine condition. I hate to take it to Goodwill if anyone is interested. Any interest, email and please say when you would pick it up. sharry
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Offer: Custom made Salmon Water Ski Sidewinder South Palo Alto - I am offering my custom made wooden water ski; fixed boot, 53# Sidewinder salmon ski. Excellent condition excellent ski. Many fun summers skiing on this fabulous ski. It is similar to Mararajah, but made by Sidewinder. No dings at all, pristine condition. I hate to take it to Goodwill if anyone is interested. Any interest, email and please say when you would pick it up. sharry Offer: No Rinse shampoo caps - 95014 - I have 8 no rinse shampoo caps. Here's the description from Amazon. Carol Prospect/Stelling area shampoo caps Offer: Kids jazz dance shoes,size 13/13.5T (College Terrace) - Sodanca Brand, black, lightly used These look like 2 left shoes that have been used as a pair. One is 13T and the other is 13.5T.