I got a hat!
As this fall was nearing an end, I noticed my 17 year old decorative scarecrow was looking pretty tattered... and I decided he needed a make-over. Back when I made him, I had started with an old scarecrow-costume straw hat that I’d bought at Salvation Army. It was now old and totally tattered... so I began my ebay and etsy searches to find another one, but I could find none there worth the price asked!
THEN I saw one in a group of things being curb-side recycled on ‘trash nothing’ and I set out to get it. I was successful and then began to make a new outfit for my scarecrow! I put out a trashnothing request for an old pair of coveralls and a plaid shirt... and soon I was ready to redress him in his new finery!
He turned out beautifully, ready for the next 17 years, and I reeeaaalllly appreciate the straw hat that appeared almost out-of-nowhere to make it perfect!

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