Upcylcing to save money
I thought I would show you what I have done with an old chest of drawers that I got from a lovely lady.

I wanted to help my son organise my granddaughter's bedroom as he is a single dad and money is tight. So I came up with the idea that I would get her a second-hand set of drawers as the solid wooden ones is the shops are too expensive.

The main parts are painted in baby pink and the 2 sides are in blackboard paint. This has turned out looking great. It is now a multi use piece of furniture for my granddaughter's bedroom.

I sanded the cupboard sides and fronts as well as the legs and drawers with 3 grades of sand paper, gave them 2 coats of undercover and 2 coats of top coat.

My granddaughter's face was a picture when I took It to her house and put It in to her bedroom. It has been a labour of love to see how it is totally transformed.

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