When my Mum died I ended up with her iron and having just bought a new steam iron I found my Mum's a little superfluous! I've always used a plant water spray if I needed steam before and found I just could not get on with my new light-weight steam iron, and fervently wished I'd kept my Mum's good heavy one!....So when I saw a Freecycle ad' giving away a non-steam one I jumped at the chance and tootled off to a Notts village to pick up...I was absolutely delighted to receive an identical iron to the one I'd given away! Out went the new steam Iron and I've used my 'Mum's' ever since...a good 7 or 8 years now! What a great re-cycle!
I have met some lovely people when I have given things away and the reverse, and some keep in touch and others have even become good friends!

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