Barn Find
Birthdays at our house are a big deal. Last year in the depths of the pandemic our cabin fever expressed itself by ordering a new class C. All we had to do for the six month wait time while our baby gestated at the Winibago factory was dream of roads yet taken. For my wifes birthday as both a tease and a balm I sourced a vintage Tonka Winibago motorhome from the 70's still in its box. We're big fans of the American Pickers on the History Channel. So for her big day I made a cardboard barn from an amazon box marked China just the right size for the class a Tonka. Get it? Barn Find! As birthdays go this one was a hit. We crossed the country in maskes of apprehension, picked up our new house on wheels, and turned tail for home. The barn lives on as a little girls play house. Recycle, Reuse, Renew.

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