My compassion is helping those who are totally in need.
I enjoy being on this site and others like this, I have gotten things for myself and mostly to give others in need of things. In my building I also distribute some of my groceries or stuff I get for the elderly. I crochet things for myself to sell for a little income but I also give to those in need also, that's why am always picking up yarn on sites like this and others, it brings joyful tears to my eyes seeing the happiness on people's faces when they receive things they so need.
There were two sister with their children who got their 1st apartment from a shelter (after being in there for 5 years) before Christmas 2019 and I gave them literally ALL my furniture and bought gifts for them to give the children for Christmas they were in tears with joy and excitement and so was I. To me giving is better than receiving, sometimes when I arrange a pick up and postpone it's because of the weather as I have to commute, or due to some urgency that I had to attend to, so to all whom I have not picked up, I apologize.

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