knitting and sewing for charity
I knit and sew for charity. these photos are of dollies that are used to get children/people to understand the hair loss that often comes with cancer treatment. One half of the dolly has hair and turn it upside down it has no hair. I also knit twiddle muffs for dementia suffers. They are knitted tubes with buttons and jewels sewn on. Every one has a pocket inside with a zip where the owner can save special things, sometimes rings or photos.

At the beginning of the pandemic I made 39 sets of scrubs. I also make art tabards for primary school.
  pupils. Both of these are made from duvet covers.

I write this to say a big thank you. members have given all sorts of things which I have used to make my projects so THANK YOU, from me and the users. I love my projects. They have kept me sane over the past 12 months when my grandchildren have been just a memory.

Thank you - Love Grandma

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