It just makes sense, everyone loves free stuff.
I started using Freegle/Freecycle in about 2009 we had four small grandchildren that used to visit a lot and we bought toys for them that stayed here, when they outgrew the toys I put them on Freegle. A nice guy came down with his two small boys, he'd just divorced and had soul custody of the boys. He was very grateful for the toys, I later gave the boys bikes and old laptops I no longer needed and we are all still great friends to this day. I later got a new office at work, my boss was very stingy with the budget. I managed to get a great office chair, 3 great desks and a computer with two screens all from Freegle. Which so far I've had 6 years use from. As I've upgraded my own personal IT equipment I have donated this and many other items into Freegle, I've even delivered a lot of the larger items locally. What a great concept this is. I'm now starting to furnish my grand daughters first flat as she moves from home.

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