Happy feeling from donating
I had to clear out my Moms apartment after she went into long term care.It was really hard to get rid of the items that someone you love had.My Mom has always been such a giving person (She has a Masters in Social Work.).So she gave of heart and Spirit.I know that she would be happy to know that things she collected went to someone who would enjoy them,too.Some Of the larger companies wouldn’t take some of the items because they needed some minor repair. She had a cat scratched one of the legs of a very nice tall dining table and chairs. She also had a beautiful coastal style media center and ladder style shelves in great condition that I just couldn’t use. The people that picked up the items were on time and very happy to help them. It was a bit of work for me to organize the times and figure out who was coming for a watt but it all worked out. The guy that picked up the table was a woodworker and the repair would be easy for him. I know my mom would be happy with the outcome and it helped us. I always go to trash nothing to donate first.We have given a vintage patio set ,many plants,,Garden screens,household items and so much more.I really like to keep things out of landfills when someone can use them.

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