Received and given
Back in January, my ankle started to really hurt after certain exercise, so I was a bit limited and couldn't use my own gym equipment, as I had no way to warm up without activating my ankle and potentially causing more damage.

So, I joined my local gym on an Open Gym only membership and used the exercise bike there. This meant that I could work out without wearing out my ankle. During this time, I had a consultation, MRI and diagnosis. I also found that using an exercise bike meant that I could get a better workout in the morning, as I can read whilst I do my cardio. So, I set to looking - finding VERY basic bikes for around £200 (not worth it), used.

Then, just before going away for the weekend, I saw a Spin Bike on my Trashnothing email and immediately contacted the user making the offer. They were happy to hold on to the bike until after my trip (bank holiday weekend) and my husband collected it after work on the Tuesday. It is now nestled in the corner of our entirely reorganised gym and provides me a great workout in the mornings before work and again in the evening - when I feel like it.

Since then, I took down my polytunnel greenhouse that didn't really meet my needs (the gym actually gets warmer) and placed it on Trashnothing with the warning that it needs significant repair. Within a few hours, someone asked if they could collect. Now, I have space for some raised planters where the greenhouse used to be, and a good recovery plan for my dodgy ankle, which does not include a gym membership but, rather, use of my own equipment. All thanks to the Trashnothing community and the wonderful people who think of others before simply throwing away things that they don't want or buying new.

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