I get knocked down...
It seems, that in this life, I will be forced to start from scratch twice. The first time was when I ran away from my 1st ex husband when I was 25. I left with nothing...but I figured out a way to survive.
Then last year in June, my then husband asked me to leave. And though I had more than the first time to start out with.. well this time I also had debt in my name that I'm unable to pay off because he cut pliff my cards and I was unable to work while I waited for disability.
I am still waiting for disability, all the clothes I managed to take with me I have sold online to survive. I donate plasma twice a week but often I pass out from it, either during the giving, or shortly after I'm done and I feel awful the rest of the day. I also try and set up cleaning gigs through Craigslist and I found an amazing amount of love for refurbishing furniture. And because of this site, and so many wonderful people on here. I've been able to get some free things to fix up and even sold one of em!
I truly thank everyone on here who may not realize just what an impact you have on someone's life.
Thank you

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