Too expensive to give away free? Nah!!
Someone recently requested an item for free that sells for $279 new. They did not request a new one, of course, but I had a new one, and I ultimately decided to give it to her. It was just taking up space in my house and it would go to much better use with her. Her request made the transaction perfect!

Of course, a part of me thinks that’s OVER-giving. But the truth is this: Once I purchased it, the money was gone. There were only two decisions: Keep it (and step over it for 10yrs), or Gift it (and let it be given purpose). Either way, the money was still gone.

This same concept arose in my life years ago when I weighed 300 pounds. I would be sure to finish everything on my plate in an effort not to “waste food” – whatever that meant. It turned out that when the food was rationed to me, there were only two decisions: Eat it all (and gain weight). Don’t eat it all (and lose weight) and throw it out/save it for tomorrow. Either way, the food would be ‘gone’.

I encourage everyone to give their unused items away – even if they’re expensive.

Give them new life!

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