Minnie Pearl, Milo and Molly
I was asking for some kitten supplies to help a rescue cat and two kittens, only days old, and this angel helped me to get them. They were all tossed out like a bag of garbage by the side of the road and the two babies still had their umbilical cords attached!
After two long weeks of tending to the babies they are now starting to thrive. This is a Real Miracle and an answer to my prayers! And just in time for Passover and Easter, too!
By the way, I named the mama cat Minnie Pearl. She is a beautiful, petite Tabby Cat. I named the Gray male kitten Milo and the Black female kitten Molly. They are my three M&Ms. :D

Thank you to the member that was nice enough to do this! She is very kind, thoughtful, caring, considerate and generous. She went far above and beyond the call of duty (so to speak) and gave so much more than I had ever hoped for. It is a real blessing to find people who willingly give items so generously to help other people. She may never know just how much this truly means to me or how much it has blessed my life, but I can tell you that it is a LOT! I just can't thank her enough. I am very grateful and appreciative of her.

She is a Treasure to me. Trash Nothing is one of my Greatest Treasures of all.

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