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Offer: Hangers (Johnston) - Large bag of assorted plastic hangers Offer: 20 gallon aquarium (Johnston) - Includes rocks, plastic plants and pump/filter with box of filter replacements Offer: 10 gallon aquarium with rocks (Johnston) - Good condition Offer: Rug (West side of Des Moines) - 10x12 wool rug . Periwinkle and white. Pottery barn brand. Could use a good cleaning but no rips or holes.
Offer: towel racks West Des Moines - Five used towel racks with mounting hardware. Two are white. Three are chrome. They are cut to various lengths so that they could be mounted into studs. They look like these. Offer: Misc wooden toy parts west des moines - Wheel, pegs, etc Picture is on this craigslist listing Offer: 30 x 36 inch mirror West Des Moines - This mirror was replaced in bathroom remodel. There is a one or two wide inch section along one edge that is not reflective any more. It would be pretty easy to cover it up with a frame. Request: a ford 302 engine (rural grinnell) - looking for a ford 302 engine can still be in car or truck Offer: packing peanuts - My non-profit Association is in need of a large amount of clean packing peanuts. We will take any as long as they are clean. Offer: Moving Boxes (Covington) - Approximately 30-40 moving boxes. Mostly U-haul small-medium boxes. Offer: Napkin holders (Jackson, wi) - Restaurant style napkin holders. :50 of them Offer: "1-2-3 MAGIC" VHS Tape - Hi...this is a videotape for parents on helping manage difficult behavior in children. 1-2-3 MAGIC is a proven method for managing behavior in young children. If you still have access to a videotape player and want it, it is yours. Offer: 10 plastic crates - My school is getting rid of 10 plastic crates. They are black, and the dimensions are: 20"L x 12"W x 10.5"H They are available at my school and can be picked up by arranging a time. They are in good shape. Take all or some...I don't want them sitting in a landfill when they are still useful! Thanks! Offer: Framed Patio door windows - I removed Patio Door and have two double pain windows in wood frame. Just the windows without complete door frame Offer: two cat litter boxes - One is red and the other green. I think they are large size - about 2 x 2.5’ or so and 5” side. LOCATION: Des Moines Offer: RUG - I have what I think is a 9 x 12 blue indoor=outdoor rug [it’s rolled up but it fit a room that was a bit larger] - not sure of what shape it’s in, but before I trash it, thought I would post here. LOCATION - Des Moines Request: New Apartment Supplies (Ames Iowa) - Looking for dishes, towels, dvds, dish soap, trash bags, air freshener, cds, any groceries Request: Laptop or computer (Southside of des moines) - I am 11 and need a laptop so i can get homeschooled i hope i find one Offer: ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````free gallon jugs in WDM````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` - I have many clean plastic gallon jugs with covers to offer. They only held water or ice tea. Offer: rug - I think this is about 9x12, blue, not thick = it’s been on a porch for a number of years so it’s probably best for outside use or garage or something, but whoever wants it can have it. LOCATION - central Des Moines